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PSA Spectrum Analyzer W-CDMA and HSDPA/HSUPA Measurement Personality - Technical Overview
This overview for the W-CDMA and HSDPA measurement personalities, a suite of standards-based measurements with digital modulation analysis for the PSA spectrum analyzers and the E4406A vector signal analyzer, includes measurement details, demonstrations, and key specifications.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

N9073A & W9073A W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ X-Series Measurement Application - Technical Overview
The W-CDMA/HSPA+ measurement application transforms the X-Series signal analyzers into 3GPP standard-based transmitter testers.

Technical Overview 2013-07-02

E6703I W-CDMA/HSPA Lab Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides the technical specifications and highlights the key capabilities of the E6703I W-CDMA/HSPA lab application.

Technical Overview 2013-04-11

E1963A W-CDMA Mobile Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides key capabilities and specifications for the E1963A W-CDMA mobile test application.

Technical Overview 2013-04-11