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Agilent's EMPro and Momentum Selected by OSAT for Next-Generation Circuit and Antenna Development
OSAT Company, which specializes in engineering analysis, testing and inspection techniques, is using Agilent’s Electromagnetic Professional software, EMPro, and the Momentum 3-D planar electromagnetic simulator to design and simulate innovative new antennas and circuits.

Press Materials 2012-02-24

Agilent Announces 30-Second Demo Series of User-Inspired Microwave EDA Software Innovations
Agilent announced the launch of a series of 30-second demos on 10 popular microwave EDA usability innovations for its Advanced Design System software, the industry's leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave and high-speed applications.

Press Materials 2012-02-22

Agilent Completes Acquisition of Accelicon Technologies’ Solutions for Semiconductor Device Modeling
Agilent Technologies announced that Accelicon Technologies’ software solutions and technology for device-level modeling and validation in the electronics industry are now part of Agilent.

Press Materials 2012-02-21

Agilent Technologies' Latest Genesys Software Enhances RF System Design
Agilent announces the latest release of its industry-leading, low-cost, high-performance software for RF and microwave board design, Genesys 2012.

Press Materials 2012-02-16

Agilent to Demo Industry-1st R&D/Mfg. Test Solutions for LTE-A, LTE & HSPA+ at Mobile World Congress
Agilent will demonstrate its industry-first communications test and measurement solutions for LTE-Advanced, LTE, HSPA+, dual-carrier HSDPA, MIMO, multi-standard radio and voice over LTE, along with 2G/3G solutions for R&D, manufacturing and deployment at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Feb. 27- March 1.

Press Materials 2012-02-13

Mixed-Signal Integration Challenges in Complex Radar Systems
Using A Common Measurement Platform to Address the Mixed-Signal Integration Challenges in Complex Radar Systems presents an alternate design and test approach for today’s complex radar systems.

Application Note 2012-02-10

IC-CAP 2012.01 Release Notes
IC-CAP 2012.01 Product Release Notes.

Release Notes 2012-02-09

Genesys 2012.01 Release Notes
Genesys 2012.01 Product Release Notes.

Release Notes 2012-02-09

N3520M DSPedia DVD Data Sheet
The N3520M DSPedia DVD is a comprehensive, self-paced training library for Agilent SystemVue as well as DSP, Communications, Wireless standards, and VHDL design. Contains nearly 7,000 pages of info!

Data Sheet 2012-02-02

Agilent EEsof High Speed Digital Design Flow
This video shows the high speed digital design flow from Agilent that helps you cut through the challenges of today's multi-gigabit standards.

Demo 2012-01-31

IC-CAP Videos on YouTube
Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program (IC-CAP) Video Library playlist in Agilent EEsof EDA's Channel on YouTube

Demo 2012-01-27

Using Agilent SystemVue to Create Realistic Scenarios for Radar and EW Applications
Shows how the combination of software and hardware capabilities makes it possible to create dynamic and realistic scenarios for both component testing and scenario simulation for system test.

Application Note 2012-01-24

Agilent to Demonstrate Newest High-Speed Digital Design and Test Solutions at DesignCon 2012
Agilent's high-speed digital solutions offer a wide range of essential tools to help engineers design and simulate, analyze, debug and achieve compliant designs while cutting through the challenges of gigabit digital designs.

Press Materials 2012-01-23

Agilent Announces Availability of Mitsubishi Electric's Nonlinear RF Model Library for ADS
Agilent announces that the latest model library for Mitsubishi Electric's nonlinear GaAs and GaN RF devices is now available for use with Advanced Design System (ADS).

Press Materials 2012-01-12

Agilent Announces Shipment of 3-D EM Simulation Platform, Further Enhancing RF Simulation Speed
Agilent announces shipment of the latest release of its Electromagnetic Professional software, EMPro 2011.11. The updated 3-D modeling and simulation platform features enhancements to further speed and improve RF design and verification.

Press Materials 2011-12-12

Defining the 4G PHY Architecture Design Challenges
EE Times design article (Part 1) on defining the 4G PHY architecture design challenges.

Journal 2011-12-05

Using SystemVue to Overcome 4G Challenges
EE Times design article (Part 2) on using SystemVue to overcome 4G challenges.

Journal 2011-12-04

Mismatch Modeling in MBP
This application note introduces the basic components of Model Builder Program’s (MBP’s) mismatch module. The steps to run the built-in extraction flow, and how to configure and plot an IMV graph in MBP are also demonstrated. Knowledge Center login required.

Application Note 2011-12-01

Agilent Signs Agreement with Accelicon, a Leading Provider of Semiconductor Device-Modeling Software
Agilent Technologies Signs Acquisition Agreement with Accelicon Technologies, a Leading Provider of Semiconductor Device-Modeling Software

Press Materials 2011-12-01

Statistical Modeling in MBP
This application note introduces the statistical module in Model Builder Program (MBP). The module’s contents, including data format, plot configuration, Monte Carlo (MC) analysis, extraction flow, and IMV plot are covered. Knowledge Center login required.

Application Note 2011-12-01

ADS 2011 Documentation Set
ADS provides a complete set of simulation technologies ranging from frequency and time-domain circuit simulation to electromagnetic field simulation.

Reference Guide 2011-11-17

Agilent Technologies Introduces Signal Processing Libraries for 802.11ac WLAN and 60-GHz 802.11ad
Libraries Accelerate R&D Validation and Enable Simulation-to-Test Continuity

Press Materials 2011-11-16

Simulating High-Speed Serial Channels with IBIS-AMI Models
This paper reviews some of the benefits and limitations of using IBIS models and introduces the new AMI extensions to the latest IBIS version 5.0 specification.

Application Note 2011-11-15

See What 1000's of Engineers Find Useful
Invest in your future, sign up for the next Innovations in EDA Webcast today.

Demo 2011-11-11

Agilent Technologies to Demonstrate Solutions at MILCOM
Agilent announces it will demonstrate its latest military communications test technologies and tools at MILCOM, Nov. 7-10, at the Baltimore Convention Center (Booth 1201) in Baltimore.

Press Materials 2011-11-01

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