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VEE: What Do I Need to Install in Order to Make VEE Operational?

FAQ 2013-11-22

VEE: Can I use VEE to Download a Trace from My 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzer?

FAQ 2013-11-22

82357A: Can I use the 82357A with my existing VEE or C++ programs?
Yes, the 82357A uses the Agilent I/O Libraries software which provides interoperability with previous programs using these libraries.

FAQ 2013-11-17

VEE Pro: How do I get VEE to recognize my Agilent GPIB interface?
VEE has the ability to find all the GPIB cards in your system, including any 82357A USB/GPIB Interfaces, as well as the instruments attached to them. Additionally, once you tell it where a LAN/GPIB Gateway is, VEE can also find the instruments con...

FAQ 2013-11-17

What interfaces does VEE 7 support?
VEE 7 supports the following interfaces...

FAQ 2013-11-17

How to report a VEE bug, serious error or submit an enhancement request effectively?
1. Go to the VEE Help menu and select Customer Feedback option...

FAQ 2012-10-16

What is EVO and what are the known issues?
EVO is an abbreviation for Extensible VEE Object, which introduce after VEE Pro Version 9.21

FAQ 2011-03-31

VEE Pro: How can I change the setting in my files if I am using the Agilent VEE Pro RunTime version?
Execute the Agilent VEE Pro RunTime version (veerun.exe) with the -ioconfig command line option.

FAQ 2010-09-09

VEE Pro: Why can't I talk to an instrument at GPIB address 21?
The reason is that each device on the GPIB has to have a unique address, including the computer's GPIB card.

FAQ 2010-09-09

VEE Pro: How do I download and install an instrument driver for use in VEE?
You'll first need to decide which kind of driver to use, and whether that kind of driver is available for your instrument.

FAQ 2010-09-08

VEE Pro: Will VEE migrate to .NET?
No, VEE will not become a native .NET language but will levarage the .NET technology.

FAQ 2010-09-08

VEE Pro Archive
Download access to older revisions of the Agilent VEE Pro software.

FAQ 2010-04-15

Why did VEE displayed an "out of memory" message even the PC has more than 1GB of memory free after using up only 300MB of memory?
Agilent VEE's could not support such a large memory of usage in a single object or interface.

FAQ 2009-11-08

IVI Instrument Drivers Overview
Learn more about IVI-COM and IVI-C instrument drviers.

FAQ 2008-10-01

VEE Pro: Can I evaluate VEE?
Yes, Agilent offers a free trial evaluation of VEE Pro.

FAQ 2004-12-30

VEE: How Do I Configure Direct IO for RS-232?

FAQ 2003-07-07

VEE: Can I Run My VEE Program as an Executable Program?

FAQ 2002-06-27

VEE: How Can I Call a DLL From VEE?

FAQ 2002-06-27

VEE: What Files Are Used by VEE to Set Configuration Settings?

FAQ 2002-06-27