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What type of internal memory is installed into the 34972A LXI Data Acquisition Switch Unit?
The Agilent 34972A LXI Data Acquisition Switch Unit utilizes Windows CE...

FAQ 2014-04-07

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard and Agilent test equipment?
Most Agilent products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2013-11-22

How can previously created data in BenchLink II be exported?
Open a previously saved configuration file with data and then export the data as a Text (.txt) file or Comma Separated values (.csv) file.

FAQ 2012-11-05

How many Agilent 34970A data acquisition units can be connected to a single PC at a time?
Only one Agilent 34970A can be connected for each RS-232 port on the PC. A GP-IB cable can be used to connect up to 15 units if the GP-IB cable is being referenced by the VEE software. The Benchlink Data Logger 3 software can support up to 4 units...

FAQ 2012-01-25

34970A: How do I add a DMM to a 34970A that does not have one installed?
Order the customer installable retrofit kit 34970-80100.

FAQ 2010-10-12

Why won't Help (.hlp) files view properly with Windows Vista?
In order to view 32-bit Help (.hlp) files with Windows® Vista, you must download the WinHlp32.exe Help program from the Microsoft web site at

FAQ 2010-10-12

How do I rack mount two instruments of different depths?
There are three ways to rack instruments of different depths side-by-side; for example, an Agilent 33220A with an Agilent 34401A.

FAQ 2010-10-12

Can I retrieve data from the 34970A while it is scanning?
No. You can collect data during a scan, stop the scan and then transfer the data.

FAQ 2010-09-09

How can I copy Channels to Other Channels in BenchLink 3?
Select the channel(s) to be copied, right-click and select copy, select the channel(s) to be pasted, right click and select paste.

FAQ 2010-09-08

Why does BenchLink 3 generate the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error?
This error is caused by corruption in the .NET Framework

FAQ 2010-09-08

Can Excel control a scan, and make and record measurements using the 34970A?
Use the 34970A IntuiLink add-in, Excel Macro language, or the Instrument Code Wizard.

FAQ 2010-09-03

Can I mix 34980As and 34970As in the same configuration?
You can have a combination of one 34980A and one or two 34970As in a configuration.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Are there separate licenses for 34970A and 34980A instruments?
Yes. Each instrument uses a specific Data Logger Pro product number.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I use the National Instruments 34970A LabView Driver and Examples with the 34972A?
Yes, there is a new Labview driver that supports both the 34972A and the 34970A...

FAQ 2010-04-16

Can strain gauges be measured with the Agilent 34970A?
The 34970A can measure strain gauges using 4-wire ohms measurements and return the strain value using the math formula Mx+B.

FAQ 2009-11-18

How Do I Measure Resistance With A 3-Wire Device?
If you are using a 3-wire device (ie. 3-wire RTD), to measure it accurately, you have to first measure the resistance of R1+R2+Rm then subtract the resistance you measured of R2+R3.

FAQ 2009-09-28

Why Can’t I Open the BenchLink II AgtDB.mdb Database File in Microsoft® Access?
The file is password protected to prevent any changes to be made to the file.

FAQ 2009-03-13

Can I save on the 34970A data synchronously during a scan?

FAQ 2009-03-12

The Benchlink Data Logger Software is unable to see my 34970A even though it is connected, how do I correct this?

FAQ 2007-10-04

What are the differences between the BenchLink DataLogger software for 34970A and 34980A?

FAQ 2007-07-20

Can I remove a 100V or above common mode voltage when making thermocouple measurements using the 34970A?
Yes, for less than 300V peak by setting the internal DMM's integration time to a value of 1 or larger number of power line cycles.

FAQ 2006-11-15

What types of internal memory does the Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit have?
Please refer to the document linked to this page for a comprehensive listing of Agilent 34970A internal memory.

FAQ 2006-10-31

How do I disable the front panel display on the 34970A Data Acquisition Unit in order to achieve the maximum scanning speed for measurement?
This cannot be done via the front panel controls, it can only be done remotely via the Benchlink Data Logger II Software or programmatically.

FAQ 2006-10-19

What is the maximum number of readings you can obtain from the 34970A directly?

FAQ 2006-10-18

What type of cable is supplied with the Agilent 34905A and 34906A dual 4-channel RF multiplexers?
An 18 inch cable with SMB to BNC connectors is supplied.

FAQ 2006-10-17

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