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When sending a "*IDN?" query to the 8156A optical attenuator over GP-IB why does the instrument return the string "8157A..."?
The 8156A has two command sets for programming over GP-IB. The first is the 8156A command set and the second simulates the command set of a previous optical attenuator, the 8157A.

FAQ 2010-05-14

Can I program a waveform captured by my oscilloscope into an Agilent arbitrary waveform generator?
Yes. The free IntuiLink Waveform Editor software will download waveform data from Agilent Infiniium, 6000 series, and 54600 series oscilloscopes and send the data to the an Agilent 33120A, 33210A, 33220A, or 33250A generator.

FAQ 2010-05-14