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81133A and 81134A, 3,35 GHz Pulse-/Pattern Generators - Data Sheet
81133A and 81134A, 3,35 GHz Pulse-/Pattern Generators Data Sheet

Data Sheet 2012-03-14

I2C and SPI Protocol Triggering and Decode for Infiniium 8000 and 90000 Series Oscilloscopes
Extend your scope capability with I2C and SPI Triggering and Decode application. This application makes it easy to debug and test designs that include I2C or SPI protocols using your Infiniium 90000 or 8000 Series scope.

Data Sheet 2012-03-11

S-parameter Series: Using the Time-Domain Reflectometer Application Note
Time Domain Reflectometers provide digital designers with powerful tools that display traditional impedance measurements and solutions that generate accurate S-parameter measurements -for de-embedding

Application Note 2012-03-01

N4906B Serial BERT Getting Started Guide
A guide to get started with the N4906B Serial BERT

Quick Start Guide 2012-03-01

N4916B De-Emphasis Signal Converter User's Guide
Revision 3 (Released with N4916B Software

User Manual 2012-02-01

SATA II Drive TX/RX Testing & Cable SI Testing Using the 86100C DCA-J (PN 86100-8)
Due to the inherent limitations of parallel technology, SATA is expected to replace parallel ATA everywhere, and expand the use of ATA-based technology in the entry server and network storage market segments.

Application Note 2012-01-31

N2101B 10.3125 Gb/s Bit Error Ratio Tester - Data Sheet
The N2101B PXIT 10.7 Gb/s Bit Error Ratio Tester consists of a high accuracy clock source, data pattern generator, and error detector. It will automatically perform bit error ratio analysis to characterize the quality of devices at 10 standard internal rates from 155 Mb/s to 8.5 Gb/s.

Data Sheet 2012-01-27

Tips and Techniques for Accurate Characterization of 28 Gb/s Designs - Application Note
The worldwide demand for data capacity in networks greatly increases every year, driven by services like cloud computing and Video on Demand.

Application Note 2012-01-27

86108B Precision Waveform Analyzer
As high-speed electrical communication systems and components increase in data rates to 25 Gb/s and beyond, design and validation engineers are faced with the difficult task of accurately

Data Sheet 2012-01-27

Pulse Pattern and Function Arbitrary Generators and Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Brochure
This Agilent family of pulse/pattern generators can help you verify and characterize digital or analog systems, products, and components.

Brochure 2012-01-27

PCI Express Design and Test From Electrical to Protocol - Brochure
Agilent's PCI EXPRESS® brochure will explain basic differences between Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 as well as the full breadth of Agilent's PCIe solutions.

Brochure 2012-01-17

Techniques to Reduce Manufacturing Cost-of-Test of Optical Transmitters
Pressures to reduce costs as data rates rise means manufacturing engineering managers and their engineers must be more creative in how to reduce costs before their competitors do.

Application Note 2011-12-22

Techniques to Reduce Manufacturing Cost-of-Test of Optical Transmitters, Flex DCA Interface
Agilent continues innovating test methodologies to assist manufacturing engineers in meeting or beating cost-of-test reduction goals.

Application Note 2011-12-22

PXIT N2100B DCA Video
New PXIT N2100B DCA Demonstration Video Here you can see the recently launched 10.3125 Gb/s DCA of the PXIT Product Family. The Video goes over the key benefits and demonstrates its new features.

Demo 2011-12-07

How to Pass Receiver Test According to PCI Express® 3.0 CEM Specification - Application Brief
This paper provides insight into the calibration method and tests, as well as the tools available. The biggest change between PCIe 2.x and rev. 3.0 is that RX test on cards will now be normative.

Application Note 2011-11-30

N2099A Synthesizer
This flyer provides a brief description of the N2099A synthesizer and it's main features and benefits.

Brochure 2011-11-27

N2102B Pattern Generator
This flyer provides a brief description of the features and benefits of the N2102B Pattern Generator

Brochure 2011-11-27

N2101B 10.3125 Gb/s Bit Error Ratio Tester
This flyer provides a brief description of the features and benefits the N2101B Gb/s Bit Error Ratio Tester provides.

Brochure 2011-11-27

Installation Instructions for the N1010A FlexDCA scope application
This 5-minute video provides an overview of how to download and install the N1010A FlexDCA scope application. It also describes how to obtain a 30-day trial license should you want to try any of the advanced features.

How-To Video 2011-11-01

Lowest Cost of Optical Transceiver Test
Explore major cost of test reduction ideas using the Eye Mask Hit Ratio Technique and the Auto Mask Margin function. Achieve dramatic efficiency improvement in optical transmitter eye-mask testing.

Product Tour 2011-11-01

De-embedding demo using InfiniiSim-DCA
This 7 minute video documents a de-embedding measurement using InfiniiSim-DCA for the 86100C DCA-J

How-To Video 2011-11-01

WMF WMF 15.38 MB
N1010A FlexDCA Virtual Device Demonstration
N1010A FlexDCA Virtual Device Demonstration Video This 3 minute video shows how to help sell high-speed semiconductors using the N1010A FlexDCA.

Product Tour 2011-11-01

PCI Express Transmitter Electrical Validation and Compliance Testing - Application Note
This application note is intended for digital designers and developers validating electrical performance of PCI Express-based designs and working toward electrical compliance of PCI Express products.

Application Note 2011-10-28

PXIT 10.3125 Gb/s Digital Communication Analyzer N2100B Data Sheet
The N2100B PXIT DCA implements a coherent patented vector under-sampling technique which combines the benefits and measurement capabilities of a real time scope with the bandwidth of a sampling scope. The N2100B performs accurate eye diagram analysis to characterize the quality of transmitters from 1.063 Gb/s to 8.5 Gb/s.

Data Sheet 2011-10-10

Understanding The Oscilloscope Jitter Specifi cation
Jitter is defined as the unwanted phase modulation of a digital signal, and is considered one of the most important specifications for measuring a device's quality.

Application Note 2011-09-30


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