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How do I upgrade my N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software and Measurement Applications, etc....

FAQ 2013-06-04

What upgrade kit option provides real-time functionality for my N9030A PXA signal analyzer?
If you already have option B1X, B1Y, and MPB in your instrument, order N9030AK-RT2 or N9030AK-RT1...

FAQ 2013-06-02

Add N9051A, Pulse, to the mode key selections.
X-series analyzers with Windows 7 and A.12.xx software installed may not list N9051A, Pulse application, as selection avilable under the Mode key.

FAQ 2013-05-16

How do I remotely program my spectrum or vector signal analyzer?
Instructions, examples, and references for remotely programming your spectrum analyzer

FAQ 2013-05-16

How do I upgrade my N9320B Spectrum Analyzer?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, etc...

FAQ 2013-05-09

N6171A MATLAB Software - Agilent Compatible Instruments
N6171A MATLAB software can be purchased along with a new Agilent instrument or purchased as software to add to an existing instrument.

FAQ 2013-04-29

Will some future capabilities only be offered on Windows 7?
We anticipate a point in the future where new functionality will only be offered for Windows 7 instruments.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Which 89600 VSA version is supported by firmware release A.12.xx on Windows 7?
All 89601B versions should work with firmware release A.12 for Windows 7.

FAQ 2013-04-25

How do I know what operating system my instrument will have?
Your quote and order will indicate the operating system.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Why is Agilent delivering OS upgrades on the Option SSD or Option PC4/PC5 processor?
Agilent’s licensing agreement prevents us from selling the operating system independent of physical hardware.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Will I be able to get all future minor enhancements if I remain on Windows XP?
When we stop selling Windows XP downgrades we will end enhancing Windows XP SW versions.

FAQ 2013-04-25

For installed-base customers, after purchasing the N9094AK-PC4 or N9094AK-SSD option, must the instrument to a local SSU office for upgrading?
No. The N9094AK-PC4 and N9094AK-SSD upgrade options come with an imaged SSD.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Will I be able to continue to get defect fixes if I remain on Windows XP?
We will continue to maintain the last shipping Windows XP version through end of support life.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Is the firmware revision A.12.xx installer the same for both Windows XP and Windows 7?
Firmware revision A.12.xx installer for Windows XP is a separate file than the firmware revision A.12.xx installer for Windows 7. Both are available on the Download button for the instrument software.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Will Windows 7 work on my existing processor?
There is a minimum configuration/vintage of processors which are compatible with Windows 7 and these are denoted as PC4 and PC5 in the show system screen on your instrument

FAQ 2013-04-25

Will Agilent continue to sell existing functionality/upgrades for my instruments?
We have no plans to end upgrade offerings for existing Windows XP functionality

FAQ 2013-04-25

What if I need secure scripts to utilize Windows 7 within my secure measurement lab?
Agilent will work with you to evaluate scripts we have developed and successfully deployed in other secure measurement labs.

FAQ 2013-04-25

How can an installed base customer with Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems upgrade to Windows Embedded Standard 7?
For the PC4/PC5 processor, the upgrade is via the software kit on Option SSD. For older CPUs, the CPU hardware must first be upgraded to PC4/PC5.

FAQ 2013-04-25

How do I remotely manage the internal alignments on my X-Series Signal Analyzer?
This example demonstrates the "cal:expired?" and "cal:auto:part" commands to handle running internal alignments remotely

FAQ 2013-04-25

How do I poll to determine when the internal alignments are complete on my X-Series or PSA Series Signal Analyzer
Programming example to demonstrate how to poll the status register for operation complete

FAQ 2013-04-23

Can I downgrade the instrument application software in my X-Series signal analyzer?
No, the instrument should never run instrument application software older than it was originally shipped with.

FAQ 2013-04-14

What is the external trigger delay and trigger jitter in zero span on the X-Series Signal Analyzers (PXA/MXA/EXA)?
Contributors to External Trigger delay and a link to the delay table found here...

FAQ 2013-03-29

How do I upgrade my ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Find information on Hardware Options, Measurement Personalities, Connectivity Methods, Firmware Upgrades, etc....

FAQ 2013-03-28

How do I upgrade my N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer
Find information on Hardware Upgardes, Instrument Software, Measement Applications, etc...

FAQ 2013-03-21

Can you use EXA to run enhanced factory calibration or does it only work with PXA, MXA and PSA?
No, the EXA has not been qualified.

FAQ 2013-03-12

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