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What does channel add mean?
You can add the signal from one channel to the signal of the other channel this might be adding noise to a clean pulse, this might be a FM signal added with noise… The possibilities you have are huge.

FAQ 2008-01-29

Why are the networks disconnected on certain actions regarding the MCF file?
To avoid inconsistent software behavior, the networks are disconnected automatically before the MCF is reloaded or a reference MCF is saved...

FAQ 2008-01-29

Is there a sample project that demonstrates the operation of the VPT501?
Yes, there are 2 sample projects to be found in the directory “Samples” in the program installation directory...

FAQ 2008-01-29

How to upgrade from 1 to 2 channels
It is not possible to upgrade a 1 channel version to a 2 channel version. You have to decide from the beginning how many channels you need.

FAQ 2008-01-29

How can I find out the serial number of the VPT501?
Start the Configuration Tool. Click “Scan”. All VPT501 Hardware Devices found are listed...

FAQ 2008-01-29

What is a crest factor?
The crest factor defines the ratio between Vp to RMS. The ideal sine wave for example has a crest factor of 1.414. Any crest factor higher than 1.414 shows additional noise, distortion or spikes. In addition the crest factor shows signal boundar...

FAQ 2008-01-29

What is the difference between video and power averaging types on the ESA Series Spectrum Analyzers?
Video should be used when in a LINEAR scale, Power should be used when in a LOG scale.

FAQ 2007-12-20

859xE: Is There a Training Video Available for the Agilent/HP Series Spectrum Analyzers?

FAQ 2007-04-17

In the 35670A marker function list, there is a "Band Power" function under Band Marker. How does the analyzer compute the Band Power?
Band Power calculation is done by summing the power contained in each of the frequency bins contained in the band and then dividing the result by the Effective Bandwidth.

FAQ 2007-01-16

When powered on, what is the wake-up voltage and current setting of the 606xB and 6050xB Series electronic loads?
The 606xB and 6050xB Series have 7 user-definable recall states which allow saving the settings of the load for later recall. One of these states, location 0 is non-volatile; this is called the wake-up state.

FAQ 2006-04-11

Can the CPRI RE Test solution be used to test my CPRI REC?
No. The CPRI RE Test solution is only intended for testing the RE.

FAQ 2006-04-07

How can I view all of the data that my 16700-series logic analyzer acquires in repetitive mode? When I stop the acquisition, I can only see data fr...

FAQ 2005-09-13

What are Distance To Fault resolution and range on ESA-E series spectrum analyzer ?
See content for details...

FAQ 2005-06-23

What does it mean when there is a big discrepancy between the readings of the OTDR link loss and my light source/power meter readings?

FAQ 2005-06-16

How do I use my OTDR as a light source?

FAQ 2005-06-15

When using the N5530S Measuring Receiver system with the default settings to make "frequency counter" measurements, why can't it find my CW signal ...
Click here for the answer to this FAQ

FAQ 2005-05-23

How are the pulse characteristics of rise and fall time, time to positive and time to negative occurrence measured?
For all 5 automatic measurements, it is always the first occurrence of that parameter on the display where the calculation is performed.

FAQ 2005-05-17

How can I download the 86100 Screen Image via GPIB?

FAQ 2005-05-02

Does the Agilent 34401A use "AC" or "DC" coupling for AC voltage measurements?
The Agilent 34401A uses an AC-coupled input when measuring ACV, which means that the DC component is blocked and is not included in the measurement.

FAQ 2005-05-02

How can I declassify the 83480A or 54750A Memory?
Press: Utility (Hardkey) > System Config... (Softkey) > Declassify Frame Memory (Softkey)

FAQ 2005-05-02

How do I interpret the traces on my OTDR?

FAQ 2005-04-15

How do I use the Increment Set Key on the E5515C?
The Increment Set Key is not supported at this time.

FAQ 2005-04-14

Which of two external reference inputs on the ESA do I use for my application?
See content for detailed information...

FAQ 2005-04-13

How can I download the Color Grade-Grey Scale memory via GPIB?
The Color Grade-Grey Scale memory can be downloaded via GPIB using the following commands detailed in the programming manual...

FAQ 2005-04-12

Can you provide a brief overview of “Measurement Process” in the Agilent Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSA) such as the 35670a and 35665A?
This paper attempts to briefly explain how Agilent DSA analyzers operate.

FAQ 2005-03-29

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