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Does Agilent VEE supports Vista Home Editions and Windows Server 2003/2008 editions?
Agilent VEE only supports Vista Ultimate Edition. Agilent VEE does not support on Windows Server editions.......

FAQ 2013-11-17

VEE 9.0 has SCPI completion. How do I make my own SCPI command built-in with VEE?
Please refer to the attached Microsoft Word document for a step by step explanation...

FAQ 2009-11-12

I've written my own text format for SCPI in *.txt. How do I use these for SCPI completion within VEE 9.0. What tool should I use?
You can use the tool found within Just search using the keyword "Agilent VEE SCPI...

FAQ 2009-11-12

I'm Currently Using SICL and Don't Want to Change. What Are Agilent's Plans for SICL?
Agilent is committed to supporting and maintaining SICL.

FAQ 2004-07-19