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How do I configure the E5813A Event Logging features in the E5813A LAN/USB Gateway Configuration Utility?
The E5813A Event Logging features are for internal diagnostic/troubleshooting of the device......

FAQ 2009-08-06

Can the power meter’s rear panel USB port save data files to a USB drive or USB thumb drive?

FAQ 2009-08-06

Does the PSA Series Option 217 WLAN Personality support PSA models E4446A, E4447A, and the E4448A?
Yes, except for E4447A. Option 217 requires Option 122 80 MHz Bandwidth Digitizer or Option 140 40 MHz Bandwidth Digitizer. Option 122 and Option 140 are currently unavailable for the E4447A.

FAQ 2009-08-01

Anomalies connecting Agilent Intuilink 4395A to the 4395A, 4396B Analyzers

FAQ 2009-07-23

Is calibration report included in the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit which adds the 10 µF standard capacitor to the 16380C?
Yes, the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit includes the 10 µF standard capacitor and its calibration report.

FAQ 2009-06-23

What is the login and password that I can use to login to the web server on the N1996A CSA spectrum analyzer?
See contents for details...

FAQ 2009-06-18

How do I configure the ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer to make Bluetooth® Measurements?
The ESA-E Bluetooth measurement personality Option 228 is available to make Bluetooth measurements.Click here for additional information.

FAQ 2009-06-17

What is the Part Number for Splitter Cable to Connect Computer to Serial Port of My Test Set?

FAQ 2009-06-11

How Can I Remotely Determine the Serial Number and Firmware Revision of My Test Set?

FAQ 2009-06-11

Why are most of the front panel keys on my N4010A not working?
Many of the front panel keys only operate if option 101 (Bluetooth) is present.

FAQ 2009-05-28

Which modules do the various Agilent logic analyzer mainframes support?
Please see the Agilent 16900, 16700, and 16500 Mainframe/Module Compatibility Matrix.

FAQ 2009-05-12

How do I download my preferred Quick Help language for my U1602A/U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope?
Download your preferred Quick Help language for the U1602A and U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope from the Product Reference CD……

FAQ 2009-05-03

What are the differences between the 8970A and 8970B Noise Figure Meters?
Details can be found here...

FAQ 2009-04-28

How can I identify if the MWA software is installed on my ENA?
The registered key code of the MWA is stored in the ENA directory.

FAQ 2009-04-19

What is the limitation of the evaluation mode of the MWA software?
The number of measurements is limited with the evaluation mode of the MWA back-end application.

FAQ 2009-04-19

How can I update the MWA software on my ENA to the latest revision?
The latest revision of the MWA can be downloaded from Agilent web page.

FAQ 2009-04-19

1670xA,1650xA,B,C: What is the part number for the Rack Mount Kit for my 16500/16700 Logic Analyzer?
5063-9216, which is still orderable

FAQ 2009-03-24

Can the IBasic option be retrofitted on the Agilent E5100A/B Analyzers?
Unfortunately, for those E5100A/Bs ordered with option UKR (delete internal IBasic) there is no retrofit to reinstall IBasic in the instrument.

FAQ 2009-03-12

Can I save on the 34970A data synchronously during a scan?

FAQ 2009-03-12

Which of Agilent's sensor cables and power meters are compatible with each other?
The table given here shows the compatibility between Agilent's sensor cables and power meters:….

FAQ 2009-02-27

Does the ENA have upgrade path to Bias-T option?
E5071C has upgrade path. But other models don't have it.

FAQ 2009-02-25

My Agilent PNA Family Network Analyzer no longer recognizes the external multiport test set. How do I fix this anomaly?

FAQ 2009-02-12

Can I convert a 16500-series logic analyzer configuration to a 16900-series logic analyzer configuration?
Yes, for selected modules.

FAQ 2009-02-09

Are the U200xA USB Power Sensors compatible with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0?
The U200xA USB Power Sensors come with full raw data rate USB (480Mbps) which is compatible with any USB Host 2.0.

FAQ 2009-02-04

Where can I find manuals for Agilent EEsof EDA products?
Complete product documentation for all of our current products can be found at

FAQ 2009-02-03

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