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Can I have multiple math functions (Null, Min-Max, dB, dBm, Limit) on at the same time on the 34401A?
No, the 34401A only allows one math function to be used at a time.

FAQ 2014-04-15

Why does my FieldFox spectrum analyzer preamplifier increase the noise floor when engaged?
The FieldFox spectrum analyzer preamplifier selection will normally reduce the displayed noise floor when activated. However, if the FieldFox RF attenuation AUTO selection is set to ON then the preamp may not reduce the noise floor.

FAQ 2014-03-03

Can I do voltage measurement using the U2802A rather than temperature measurement?
Yes, you can do voltage measurement easily by using the Agilent Measurement Manager (AMM)...

FAQ 2013-11-17

Why is the segmented memory acquisition mode useful and which Infiniium oscilloscopes support it?
Segmented memory mode offers more efficient acquisition memory usage for storing waveforms with events of interest that are separated by long periods of time. All currently shipping Infiniiums and many older units support segmented memory.

FAQ 2013-09-18

On the PNA Vector Network Analyzer Family Is it possible to save a Touchstone (SnP) file with unwrapped phase?
Yes. The PNA Family of Vector Network Analyzers can save Touchstone (SnP) files with the phase information as unwrapped phase. To achieve unwrapped phase in a Touchstone file save perform the following...

FAQ 2013-07-29

How do I use the Service Request method (SRQ) to determine if the X-Series, ESA and PSA Signal Analyzers measurement is complete or has an error me...
Click here for information on the Service Request query to determine when a measurement is complete.

FAQ 2013-06-25

How can I perform the calibration/compensation when I use the 16094A with a 7-mm connector extension cable?
It is recommended to perform the following compensation procedure...

FAQ 2013-06-05

Replacing the 8508A vector voltmeter with the E5061B network analyzer
Measuring the phase difference of an external CW signals is a typical measurement application of the 8508A vector voltmeter.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Is it possible to adjust the phase offset using degrees instead of radians?
Yes. Select View -> Customize Pattern Item Table and toggle the ‘phase offset in degrees’ button

FAQ 2012-12-30

How much jitter is there when using an external trigger?
Unless the trigger signal is synchronized to the Arb sample clock, you will see jitter equal to the sample period for the internal Arb and equal to 8 sample periods for the N6030A.

FAQ 2012-12-30

How do I measure Bit Error Rate (BER) to a given confidence level on N490xA/B Serial BERTs?

FAQ 2012-12-12

Where can I find GPS almanac files to create custom scenarios?
You can obtain GPS almanac files from this URL:

FAQ 2012-11-21

How do I obtain the NMEA GGA message file of trajectory information in order to create a dynamic scenario for a moving GNSS receiver?
There are several ways to do this...

FAQ 2012-11-21

What is the maximum sampling rate for the GNSS waveforms?
The sampling rates vary depending on which constellation is being simulated, and they range from 2.044 MSa/s for GLONASS up to 24.552 MSa/s for Galileo.

FAQ 2012-11-21

I’m using the N7609B with an X-series signal generator. Can I generate a real-time GNSS signal without being connected to Signal Studio?
Yes, if you are using a stored scenario file, but not if you are using continuous scenario generation mode.

FAQ 2012-11-21

Where can I find GLONASS almanac files to create custom scenarios?
You can obtain GLONASS almanac files from this URL:

FAQ 2012-11-21

When simulating a signal that includes GLONASS and Galileo my receiver is reporting different satellite IDs than shown in the Signal Studio, why?
While GPS satellites are commonly identified by the pseudorandom codes (PRN) that they use, there is no industry standard yet for how to refer to the GLONASS or Galileo satellites.

FAQ 2012-11-21

Are scenario files compatible between the E4438C-409 and the N7609B?
Yes, the N7609B can use any of the scenario files created for the E4438C-409...

FAQ 2012-11-21

Where can I find additional scenario files?
There is a link for additional scenario files on the product Web page for the E4438C-409 that takes you to this page...

FAQ 2012-11-21

How much baseband memory do I need in the ESG/PSG for opt. 422 scenario generator?
The scenario files reside on the hard drive until one is selected for playback, and then it is loaded into the baseband memory.

FAQ 2012-11-21

What is the data content in the single satellite waveform files? Is it real navigation data?
The waveform files contain alternating 0s and 1s for the data. Real navigation data is not included since it is impossible for a receiver to calculate a location fix using only a single satellite signal.

FAQ 2012-11-21

How much baseband generator memory is needed in the signal generator to use basic mode waveforms?
The amount of memory that is needed depends on how many waveform files you need to have in the instrument memory at one time.

FAQ 2012-11-21

Where can I find Galileo almanac files to create custom scenarios?
There are no official published almanac files at this time for Galileo. The N7609B software includes a default almanac file, 20110709_Gal.alm

FAQ 2012-11-21

How does the N7609B calculate the total output power in relation to the number of visible satellites during a scenario?
When you initially turn on the simulation, the Satellite Settings page will update the “Power” column to show the power of each satellite in dBm.

FAQ 2012-11-21

Can Agilent provide a location accuracy specification for the Option 409?
Unfortunately, Agilent cannot provide a location accuracy specification because this is dependent on the GPS receiver.

FAQ 2012-11-21

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