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Can I remove a 100V or above common mode voltage when making thermocouple measurements using the 34970A?
Yes, for less than 300V peak by setting the internal DMM's integration time to a value of 1 or larger number of power line cycles.

FAQ 2006-11-15

Can my 54600-series or 6000-series scope use channels 3 and 4 for XY mode or math functions?
These oscilloscopes can perform math functions such as FFT, integration, and differentiation on any analog channel or even on another math function. But they cannot use channel 3 or 4 for XY mode, addition, subtraction, or multiplication.

FAQ 2006-11-04

Why I am getting incorrect results when measuring the temperature of a switch with the 34901A?
If you are doing thermocouple measurements with an AC signal, you need expect noise in the readings. You can reduce this noise by applying the common mode noise rejection.

FAQ 2006-09-04

What temperature reference junction choices do I have for making thermocouple measurements with the Agilent 34970A?
You can use an internal, external, and fixed reference.

FAQ 2006-08-29

Can I configure the 34970A for 4-wire resistance, 4-ohms, and/or 4-wire scan?
Yes, the 34970A can be configured for 4 wire resistance, 4 wire RTD or 4 wire external scanning.

FAQ 2006-08-29

What is the temperature coefficient supported by the 34970A for RTD temperature measurements?
The 34970A supports PT100 RTD's with an alpha=0.00385, RTD's with alpha=0.00385, or alpha=0.00391.

FAQ 2006-08-29

34970A: What is Burden Voltage?
Connecting the internal DMM in series with a test circuit to measure a current, a measurement error is introduced.

FAQ 2006-08-29

What is the proper connection when connecting a 7 mm (APC-7) connector to my 8753ES 7 mm test port?

FAQ 2006-06-22

Is EV-DO signal studio’s IQ output inverted?

FAQ 2006-05-26

How do I make a measurement from the front panel with the Agilent 34970A?
This FAQ describes how to setup for a measurement from the front panel using the thermocouple shipped with the 34970A and a 34901A/34902A/34908A module card.

FAQ 2006-02-02

What is the procedure to perform a simple response calibration and (swept IF) conversion loss measurement of mixer using the R-channel?

FAQ 2005-07-22

No Title

FAQ 2005-07-21

ESG and ESG-D Series: RF Blanking

FAQ 2005-05-24

ESG and ESG-D Series: Can the phase of the ESG be adjusted?

FAQ 2005-05-24

ESG and ESG-D Series: Step Sweep

FAQ 2005-05-24

Is the switching time affected in list mode?
Yes, the switching time is 25% faster in list mode.

FAQ 2005-04-27

What are the trade-offs between the FM1 and FM2 modes?

FAQ 2005-04-27

How does the DCFM frequency drift compare to the ACFM frequency drift?

FAQ 2005-04-27

What is the recommended procedure for measuring the impedance tangent delta?

FAQ 2005-04-19

Measuring a Non-insertable Device (With Two Same-Sex Connectors)

FAQ 2005-04-13

When Should I Use Smoothing or Averaging?

FAQ 2005-04-13

Excess Rolloff When Measuring Long Cables on My Network Analyzer

FAQ 2005-04-13

Thru or Low-loss Passive DUT Shows GAIN

FAQ 2005-04-13

Using Narrow Bandwidths in My Network Analyzer

FAQ 2005-04-13

HP 8753C and TRL*

FAQ 2005-04-12

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