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What are the differences between the BenchLink DataLogger software for 34970A and 34980A?

FAQ 2007-07-20

Configuring the Agilent ENA, I/O Libraries, and Intuilink for communications via Lan

FAQ 2007-07-10

How do I update the Scope Connect software and 3000 Series oscilloscope firmware?
Follow these instructions.

FAQ 2007-04-26

Can the user have different levels of control on the x6000 Automated X-ray Inspection system? Are there different logins?
There are 4 levels of logins on the x6000 Automated X-ray Inspection System: administrator, developer, operator, and service. The system administrator has ability to specify the account capability.

FAQ 2007-04-22

Are the x6000 Automated X-ray Inspection System algorithms better or different than the 5DX?
The x6000 Automated X-ray Inspection System algorithms are based on and follow the same basic approach as those from the 5DX.

FAQ 2007-04-22

When are you going to support Vista?
Once Vista is proven to be a robust, stable operating environment for manufacturing applications a date will be selected for move on the x6000 Automated X-ray Inspection System.

FAQ 2007-04-22

How do I open older Agilent Logic Analyzer application files in newer versions?

FAQ 2007-04-09

Can Excel control a scan, and make and record measurements using the 34980A?
Use the 34980A IntuiLink add-in or the Excel Macro language.

FAQ 2007-01-22

Can I install the Infiniium Help system on my PC?
Yes. You may download the Help file for your model of Infiniium and install it on your PC’s hard drive for easy access.

FAQ 2007-01-10

My Infiniium scope application is not running properly. Is there a way to reset it?

FAQ 2007-01-05

How do I configure channels in BenchLink Data Logger 3, run a scan in a remote location, and upload the data back into my computer?
Create a setup in BenchLink Data Logger 3 software as you normally would, then go to the "Configuration | Download Open Configuration to 34970A..." menu to download the setup to the 34970A...

FAQ 2006-01-18

Can I use BenchLink Data Logger 3 to turn on and off switches in the 34903A, 34904A, 34905A, or 34906A at certain intervals?
The BenchLink Data Logger 3 software was designed to be used for data acquisition rather than switching. Therefore the control of switching is limited through the BenchLink Data Logger software.

FAQ 2006-01-18

Are computed channels supported in the Agilent 34970A?
Computed channels are not supported on the 34970A, but are on the BenchLink Data Logger software.

FAQ 2006-01-18

Is there a way to control the digital to analog converter output of the Agilent 34907A Multi-function module with the BenchLink Data Logger 3 softw...
Yes. The BenchLink Data Logger 3 Software can be used to set a discrete value DAC output of the 34970A. However, the output cannot be included in the scan list.

FAQ 2006-01-18

Is there a way to show values on the axes of the strip chart in BenchLink Data Logger 3?
Yes! In the Quick Graph tab, choose Preferences and select "Show X-Axis Labels" then select "Apply" or "OK".

FAQ 2006-01-18

Can I change the format of the data when I export from BenchLink Data Logger 3 software?
No, there is no way to change the default formats when exporting data from BenchLink Data Logger 3 software. However, you can easily change the data formats once you have the data in Microsoft(R) Excel.

FAQ 2006-01-18

34970A: Can I upload data using BenchLink Data Logger Software without erasing data from memory?
When the data is uploaded to the PC using BenchLink Data Logger software, all the readings are erased from the memory of the 34970A.

FAQ 2005-05-17

Using Agilent 8510C Calibration Kit Definitions on the 8720-series Analyzers

FAQ 2005-04-15

8510: Loading the 8510C Operating System Disk

FAQ 2005-04-15

Why do I get a message telling me that I need Option B72 when I try to load the latest version of firmware into my ESA Spectrum Analyzer?
Due to the increased number of features included, firmware versions A.08.02 or later require a larger amount of memory.

FAQ 2005-03-29

Does the E7415A EMI Measurement software have support for Windows 2000® or Windows XP®?
Yes, but there are some things to consider........

FAQ 2005-02-16

Does Agilent Technologies sell a product that enables remote control of a 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer via a standard modem and telephone line?
Possible solutions can be found here....

FAQ 2004-08-27

How do I create and save a correction factor file for the 11909A?
See context for details.....

FAQ 2004-06-22

Can the 8590EM Series do a LOG Frequency Sweep?

FAQ 2004-06-22

Can E4444A Benchlink be used with the 8590EM Series?
Yes, but see context for details and limitations...

FAQ 2004-06-22

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