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Why should I switch to the new N1913A or N1914A power meter?
The user will be benefit if he/she switches to the N1913/14A power meter.

FAQ 2014-04-07

What hardware platforms are supported by the 89600 VSA and 89600 WLA Software?
The measurement hardware front ends include supported by the current version of software are listed here.

FAQ 2014-03-03

What is the replacement of the discontinued fixtures/accessories for LCR meters/Impedance Analyzer?
The part which is identical with its product is available.

FAQ 2014-01-26

Why do my N1911A and N1912A Power Meters display a message that says the analogue scale is over the range?
The N1911A and N1912A Power Meters display a message saying the analogue scale is over the range because the scale is set at a default….

FAQ 2014-01-23

Why does handheld scope’s date/time display disappears or shows hexa characters?
This condition indicates that the internal memory battery level is low.

FAQ 2013-11-22

Why are the 435/6/7/8A/B Power Meter, 53147/8/9A Microwave Counter/Power Meter/DVM, 70100A MMS Power Meter …
The 435/6/7/8A/B, 53147/8/9A, 70100A, E1416A and E7495A/B are incompatible with the N8480 Power Sensors because….

FAQ 2013-11-17

Are the input channels on the U1602A and U1604A Handheld Oscilloscopes isolated?
No, the scope channels 1 and 2 on the U1602A and U1604A Handheld Oscilloscopes are not isolated. They share the same ground.

FAQ 2013-11-17

Which currently available power meters are compatible with the 8753E network analyzer?
In order to work with the 8753E network analyzer, your power meter must emulate either the 436A, 437B, 438A E4418A or the E4419A power meter. Agilent is no longer selling those power meters. However, the E4418B (formerly named the EPM-441A) and E4...

FAQ 2013-11-17

EPM Series 437B and 438A Compatibility

FAQ 2013-11-17

Which language is the 34405A Digital Multimeter's User’s Guide available in?
The 34405A Digital Multimeter's User’s Guide is available in 7 languages….

FAQ 2013-11-15

Can I upgrade the U8903A Audio Analyzer's firmware myself?
you can upgrade the U8903A Audio Analyzer's firmware yourself.

FAQ 2013-01-03

What is the difference between U8481/5A & U2000 Series USB power sensor?
The main difference is the sensor measurement accuracy.

FAQ 2012-11-28

Is it possible to disable or enable the Automatic Logon for Windows® on the ENA?
Yes. To disable or enable the Automatic logon for Windows® in a Non-Domain System, perform the following:

FAQ 2012-10-17

What are the CPU clock speed and the memory size of the ENA?
Refer to following data. (as of July 2012)

FAQ 2012-09-25

Is there a 3D model of the InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes?
Yes, see the IGES, SAP, and Step format file downloads.

FAQ 2012-09-12

Why are N9910X Accessories Packed with the Original Supplier Packaging and Labels?
It allows customers to purchase common accessories easier.

FAQ 2012-08-17

How Do Recalibrate the FieldFox Battery Pack?
Use N9910X-872 to recalibrate the battery pack.

FAQ 2012-08-17

Is E4417A compatible with Agilent Intuilink software?
E4417A is not compatible with Agilent Intuilink software.

FAQ 2012-07-12

Does my E4406A VSA Series Analyzer have a 14-bit digital IF or a 12-bit digital IF?
All Instruments with serial numbers that start with MY or that have serial numbers later than US41513009 were shipped with 14 bit digital IFs. You can also determine which digital IF assembly you have under the system key.

FAQ 2012-05-28

Which Connector Types Can Be Safely Connected, and Which Types May Cause Damage to the Interface?

FAQ 2012-04-05

How can the memory in the ENA be erased for security purposes?

FAQ 2012-03-16

What types of interfaces are available on the ENA?
Please refer to the manuals.

FAQ 2012-03-16

What is the frequency range of the N5532A Sensor Module?
100 kHz to 4.2 GHz, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, 30 MHz to 26.5 GHz, and 30 MHz to 50 GHz.

FAQ 2012-02-26

Can I make Noise Figure Measurements below 10 MHz with the ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Yes, you can make useful noise figure measurements with the ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer down to 200 kHZ, however, no instrument specifications are provided.

FAQ 2012-02-25

Do the handheld spectrum analyzers have a fan or vent?
No, the HSAs have design that is fanless and has no vent.

FAQ 2011-11-11

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