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PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers 40 and 80 MHz Bandwidth Digitizers - Technical Overview
This 16-page technical overview highlights the PSA E4440A Option 122 wide bandwidth digitizer and Option 123 high band preselector bypass.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA External Source Control Measurement Personality Option 215 - Technical Overview
This technical overview includes measurement details, demonstrations, key specifications, ordering information and related literature for the PSA Series external source control measurement personality (Option 215).

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

HBT Prescaler Evaluation Board - Technical Overview
This document lists available evaluation boards and provides an HBT prescaler evaluation board schematic.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA WLAN Measurement Personality - Technical Overview
This 16 page technical overview highlights the key features and benefits of the PSA Series Option 217, WLAN measurement personality. Demonstrations and explanations are also included.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA Series Noise Figure Measurement Personality Option 219 - Technical Overview
This 16-page, black-and-white overview for the PSA Series noise figure measurement personality provides details on how to make noise figure measurements, as well as demonstrations and key specifications.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides specifications for the PSA family of spectrum analyzers.

Data Sheet 2013-11-25

59307A Data Sheet, 20 KB

Data Sheet 2013-11-24

RADEPC8B Data Sheet, 44KB

Data Sheet 2013-11-24

V2820A RF Vector Signal Analyzer - Technical Overview
The V2820A RF VSA provides extensive capabilities for signal analysis of devices using existing wireless standards and new wide bandwidth, modulation, high throughput wireless comms standards.

Technical Overview 2013-11-22

PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers -- Video Output Option 124 - Technical Overview
This technical overview details the differences between PSA option 124, video output, and the 8566B which is the instrument it replaces.

Technical Overview 2013-11-22

V2920A RF Vector Signal Generator - Technical Overview
The V2920A RF vector signal generator outputs both continuous wave and modulated signals from 10 MHz to 4 GHz or 6 GHz for R&D and production testing of wireless chipsets, modules, and devices.

Technical Overview 2013-11-22

M9360A PXI Attenuator/Preselector 100 kHz to 26.5 GHz Data Sheet
The Agilent M9360A PXI Attenuator/Preselector is a 3-slot, 3U, combination module providing attenuation and preselection signal conditioning for numerous system applications.

Data Sheet 2013-11-22

7500 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) - Data Sheet

Data Sheet 2013-11-21

86105D (86115D) Option 281 (282) Plug-in - Product Fact Sheet
Agilent 86105D (86115D) option 281 (282) Plug-in Module for 25 and 28 Gb/s Optical Waveform Test helps you easily verify your designs for next-generation 25/28/100 Gb/s optical communications.

Data Sheet 2013-11-21

N5435A Infiniium Server-Based License for Infiniium Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
The Agilent N5435A Infiniium server-based license allows you to move your oscilloscope application license from one Infiniium oscilloscope to another, using a license server.

Data Sheet 2013-11-21

N5467B Infiniium User Defined Application (UDA) - Data Sheet
Agilent’s User-Defined Application (UDA) provides full automation, including the ability to control other Agilent instruments, external applications such as MATLAB, and your DUT software.

Data Sheet 2013-11-20

M9362A-D01-F26 PXIe Quad Downconverter 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz - Data Sheet
The M9362A-D01-F26 PXIe Quad Downconverter is well suited for wideband signal capture where multiple channels are required and can be used to synchronously capture up to 4 signals in up to 1.5 GHz BW.

Data Sheet 2013-11-20

Agilent Instruments Supported with Agilent License Manager
The following Agilent instruments work with the Agilent License Manager.

Technical Overview 2013-11-20

U1881A and U1882A Power Measurement Application - Data Sheet
Agilent U1881A and U1882C Fast, automatic and reliable characterization of switching mode power devices for the 6000, 7000, and 8000 oscilloscopes

Data Sheet 2013-11-19

N7744A/N7745A Optical Multiport Power Meter - Data Sheet
Data sheet of Agilent's new LXI compliant N7744A and N7745A optical power meter with four or eight power-sensor channels

Data Sheet 2013-11-18

InfiniiVision MSO Dynamic Probe for Xilinx FPGAs (N5406A and DSOX4FPGAX) - Data Sheet
FPGA dynamic probe for Xilinx used with InfiniiVision 6000, 7000, or 4000 X-Series MSOs provides an effective solution for simple, thorough complex debugging of systems incorporating Xilinx FPGAs.

Data Sheet 2013-11-18

U5309A PCIe High Speed Digitizer with On-Board Processing - Data Sheet
Datasheet of the U5309A PCIe high-speed digitizer with on-board processing which explain the FDK implemented into the FPGA.

Data Sheet 2013-11-18

Test & Measurement Software Support Update
Information regarding discontinuance of Support Contracts (SUP) for Agilent VEE Pro, T&M Toolkit, and T&M Developer's Bundle as well as changes in the Support Policy.

Technical Overview 2013-11-17

10529 Data Sheet, 15 KB

Data Sheet 2013-11-15

PXT E6621A LTE Wireless Communications Test Set - Technical Overview
Technical overview containing part numbers, options and specifications for the E6621A PXT LTE wireless communications test set.

Technical Overview 2013-11-14

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