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Explore the Newest Release of ADS and More
List of product-specific release information for Advanced Design System

FAQ 2014-03-20

How do I upgrade my N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer?
Find Information on Hardware Options, Measurement Applications, etc....

FAQ 2014-03-19

How can I get correct Log Frequency Scale Trace Data Using IntuiLink or BenchVue with my ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Save the trace as a .csv file

FAQ 2014-03-13

30-Day Free Trial for X-Series Measurement Applications for Benchtop Signal Analyzers
30-day trial license available for the X-Series measurement applications for benchtop signal analyzers.

FAQ 2014-03-12

How does the MXG N5182B achieve 160 MHz of bandwidth with a sample rate of 200 MSa/sec?
The MXG and EXG BBG has an arbitrary fractional re-sampling ASIC that will up-sample and interpolate the user sample rate setting from the front panel. For example ...

FAQ 2014-03-12

Power Meter Firmware & Software Updates
Power Meter Firmware & Software Updates.

FAQ 2014-03-11

Signal & Spectrum Analyzer Benchtop/Handheld Firmware Update Center
To access the most recent version of firmware or software for signal and spectrum analyzer - benchtop and handheld models.

FAQ 2014-03-10

E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set Upgrades
E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set Upgrades

FAQ 2014-03-06

Are SMA connectors suitable for low PIM measurements?
Type N and DIN 7/16 are currently the most common interfaces used for low PIM applications. Both are popular for PIM measurements due to their low PIM and higher power handling. However, the SMA connector is also another option for low PIM applications. Agilent’s low PIM RF switches use SMA connectors, which can handle 120 watts of average power at 4.2 GHz for cold switching. The base material for the center connector and housing is BeCu, which is free of ferromagnetic material that ensures low PIM.

FAQ 2014-03-03

Why does my FieldFox spectrum analyzer preamplifier increase the noise floor when engaged?
The FieldFox spectrum analyzer preamplifier selection will normally reduce the displayed noise floor when activated. However, if the FieldFox RF attenuation AUTO selection is set to ON then the preamp may not reduce the noise floor.

FAQ 2014-03-03

Why do I continue to get the "Align 20 Hz to 3.6 GHz Required" message even though I ran the Align Now, All routine on my MXE?
You also need to run the System, Alignments, More, RF Preselector, Align Now alignments...

FAQ 2014-03-03

Why does my USB 3.0 device not work correctly on my E6640A, EXM Wireless Test Set? All my USB 2.0 devices work correctly.
Details about a driver download found here...

FAQ 2014-02-28

Where can I find Free Trials?
Find the available free trials by product family.

FAQ 2014-02-28

What is included with Option UK6?
Beginning December 19, 2013, the list below describes what will be included with Option UK6:

FAQ 2014-02-27

Distributors and Resellers List
Agilent distributors and resellers list

FAQ 2014-02-25

Agilent Electronic Test & Measurement Order Status - Information about your order
order status information

FAQ 2014-02-21

What is the CPU / Storage / Windows OS history?
The history of CPU type/memory size, storage type/size, windows OS is listed in the table.

FAQ 2014-02-20

General Intuilink FAQs
BenchVue and BenchLink are standalone PC applications, whereas BenchLink XL and IntuiLink can be used in standard PC applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word.

FAQ 2014-02-18

Can you advise of alternatives to printing and acquiring screen images from the various Agilent Analyzers equipped with only a GP-IB interface?
There are several way to retrieve screenshots.

FAQ 2014-02-18

Agilent Accreditation Milestones: Australia and Great Britain
Agilent’s Melbourne service center was first accredited by NATA in August 1974; the Winnersh service center was accredited by the BCS in August 1984.

FAQ 2014-02-14

Upgrading 89600 VSA Software
Adding new options, upgrading to new revisions, and adding additional applications is described in this document.

FAQ 2014-02-09

Where do I download the mechanical drawings for the M9018A?
The M9018A comes with .step and .pdf files that can be imported into your modeling application.

FAQ 2014-02-07

Noise Figure FAQ for Network Analyzers
Frequently asked questions about the PNA-X Series Source-Corrected Noise Figure Measurement (Option 029)

FAQ 2014-02-07

What is the accuracy of ENA time domain measurements?
The TDR/TDT measurement uncertainty is provided in the following table.

FAQ 2014-02-01

Where do I download the mechanical drawings for the M9536A?
The M9536A comes with .step and .pdf files that can be imported into your modeling application.

FAQ 2014-01-31

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