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N8900 Series Autoranging System DC Power Supplies - Data Sheet
This data sheet discusses the new N8900 family of affordable, autoranging system DC power supplies.

Data Sheet 2014-12-20

8960 Applications Feature Comparisons
8960 Applications Feature Comparisons

Selection Guide 2014-04-18

Agilent Technologies Announces Certification of HDMI 2.0 Test Solution for HDMI 2.0 Compliance Test,
The solution has the widest coverage for HDMI Physical layer compliance test. Certification was achieved with the collaborative framework of Panasonic; the solution will be used at the Panasonic Authorized Test Center, in Osaka, Japan.

Press Materials 2014-04-17

Understanding and Applying Probability of Intercept In Real-Time Spectrum Analysis- Application Note
This document describes six major factors that determine the POI value and relative amplitude: sampling rate, time-record length, windowing function, window size, overlap processing, and noise floor.

Application Note 2014-04-17

Modular Functional Test – Circuit Check
Modular Functional Test Solutions from Circuit Check and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

TR Module (Transmit Receive Module) Testing – COM DEV
TR Module (Transmit Receive Module) Test Solution from COM DEV and Agilent.

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

N4980A Multi-Instrument BERT Software - Data Sheet
The N4980A multi-instrument BERT software is a graphical user interface that controls multiple instruments for performing a series of BER measurements.

Data Sheet 2014-04-16

EMC Test for R&D – Eretec Inc.
EMC Test Solution for R&D from Eretec and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

Low Cost Antenna Test – Eretec Inc.
Low Cost Antenna Test Solution from Eretec and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

On-Wafer High Power Load Pull Measurements – bsw TestSystems
On-Wafer High Power Load Pull Measurement Solution from bsw TestSystems and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

Upgrade to Your Ultimate Scope - Flyer
Upgrade to your Ultimate Scope! Get all licensed application software for the 2000, 3000, or 4000 X-Series for one incredibly low price. Save up to $16, 500 USD!

Brochure 2014-04-16

N5172B/82B MXG Signal Generators Option 660 Upgrade Kit Installation note
This note provides the necessary installation instructions for updating an MXG in the field with the Real Time BBG Option 660 assembly.

Installation Manual 2014-04-16

Real-Time Printed Circuit Board EMC Measurement - EMSCAN
Real-Time Printed Circuit Board Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurement from EMSCAN and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

NIST Accredited Calibration of Power Sensors – Cal Lab
NIST Accredited Calibration of Power Sensors, Attenuators and Power Splitters from Cal Lab and Agilent.

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

On-Wafer Test of Power Devices – Cascade Microtech
On-Wafer Test Solution for Power Semiconductor Devices from Cascade Microtech and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

Real-Time Near-Field Measurement of Antenna Characteristics - EMSCAN
Real-Time Near-Field Measurement of Antenna Characteristics from EMSCAN and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

NYU Wireless e-Pulse Newsletter
NYU WIRELESS researchers have been invited to publish recent RF propagation results on 5G millimeter wave cellular communications in New York City.

Journal 2014-04-16

RF Emissions Testing – EMSEC Solutions Inc. (ESI)
RF Emissions Testing Solution from ESI and Agilent.

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

Infiniium 90000 Q-Series Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
The 90000 Q-Series has the industry’s highest realtime bandwidth with 63 GHz, highest 4-channel bandwidth with 33 GHz in a single frame, lowest noise and jitter measurement floor and deepest memory.

Data Sheet 2014-04-16

Signal Generator Selection Guide - Selection Guide
Agilent offers a wide selection of signal generators from baseband to 67 GHz and beyond. From basic to advanced functionality, each generator delivers benchmark performance in its class.

Selection Guide 2014-04-16

Agilent Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer
Agilent Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer

Demo 2014-04-16

Infiniium 90000 X-Series Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
Agilent Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes are engineered for 33 GHz true analog bandwidth that delivers the industry's highest real-time oscilloscope measurement accuracy.

Data Sheet 2014-04-16

Real-Time Near-Field Cell Phone Antenna Measurements - EMSCAN
Real-Time Near-Field Cell Phone Antenna Measurements from EMSCAN and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-04-16

Release Notes (Version 04.60.0022)
Release notes for version 04.60.0021 of the Infiniium 90000 and 9000 Series oscilloscope software.

Release Notes 2014-04-15

Optical Modulation Analyzer New Analysis Software Demo - Video
This video gives you a brief overview of the key new features like smart setup and new measurements. In addition it describes briefly how to setup various hardware configurations.

Demo 2014-04-15

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