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AXI Conquers Hidden Joint Defects
Written by Jeremy Jessen, Agilent Technologies. Published In SMT magazine, February 2005.

Article 2005-02-01

Designing RFID Tags Using Direct Antenna Matching
This Article by Cory Edelman and Murthy Upmaka describes the design challenges involved in RFID design and also focuses on the use of integrated EDA tools to optimally address the challenges.

Article 2005-01-01

AOI Training and Documentation CD
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: If you're an Agilent AOI customer, you should have received a free CD containing updated materials for your AOI system.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

European Manufacturers Discuss Lead-Free Issues
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Industry professionals across Europe met on neutral ground in September and October to share ideas and best practices in lead-free test and manufacturing.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

Poly to Flash in Minutes
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Manufacturers using older versions of CAMCAD Professional will see significant time savings with the new CAMCAD Pro 4.4.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

Traceable Calibration for 3070
As test equipment ages, system performance degrades. Agilent can help protect your investment with NIST traceable system calibration.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

Lead-Free Impacts, Economics and Resources
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: New lead-free alloys mean new defect types, new costs, and new challenges in the manufacturing process, but Agilent can help.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

Agilent Technologies combines multiple test applications in one 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel protocol analys
Combination of Fibre Channel protocol analysis, traffic generation and performance test reduces costs, complexity of testing heterogeneous environments

Newsletter 2004-12-06

Assure a Fast, Successful Launch of 3G UMTS Networks and Services
Agilent OSS.Solutions Flash Update - November 2004

Newsletter 2004-11-22

Digital optocouplers boast breakthrough features
EE Times/eeProductCenter

Article 2004-11-12

New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library - Part 2
This Article presents that the CMC (LDMOS FET) model can be scaled for a larger device, with a good fit for signal, power and distortion performance as illustrated by a 60W Doherty PA design example.

Article 2004-11-01

Using AOI to Verify IPC Compliance
Written by Malachy Rice, Ph.D, Agilent Technologies. Appeared in Machine Vision supplement of Test & Measurement World, November 2004.

Article 2004-11-01

Solid Shape Modeling - Working Towards 3-D AOI
Written by Xuemei Zhang and Gareth Bradshaw, Agilent Technologies. Published in Surface Mount Technology magazine, November 2004.

Article 2004-11-01

New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library - Part 1
This Article presents a new CMC LDMOS model that can accurately predicts both small-signal and nonlinear performance, and is scalable for devices of different sizes and power output capabilities.

Article 2004-10-01

Controlling PB-Free Processes Through AOI
Written by Thorsten Niermeyer, Agilent Technologies. Article and cover published in Circuits Assembly, October 2004.

Article 2004-10-01

3D Techniques in SMT Test
By Malachy Rice, Ph.D, Stacy Johnson and Glen Leinbach, Agilent Technologies. Published by EE - Evaluation Engineering, February 2004.

Article 2004-09-28

Signal Integrity Analysis and Simulation Tools include IBIS Models
This Article describes the types of models that need to be taken together for high-speed signal integrity analysis, and illustrates their use in a simulation of a high-speed memory circuit.

Article 2004-09-01

Effective cascaded intermodulation analysis
This article describes a new simulation technique that empowers designers to maximize intermodulation and noise performance while reducing analysis time.

Article 2004-09-01

WiMAX™: The Next Generation of Broadband Wireless Access
Article reprint from Electronics in Canada. This article provides anoverview of the 802.16 standard, theWiMAX forum, and key applications.

Article 2004-09-01

3070 codeword conversion deadline looms
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The end of the year will be here before you know it, and so will the deadline for updating 3070 codewords with valid license keys. Take care of it before midnight, December 31, to protect your rights.

Feature Story 2004-08-18

New Support Life summary online
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Every six months, Agilent provides a summary of products that have reached or are approaching end of support (EOS). It's our way of helping you plan ahead, so your test strategy continues to keep pace with your business needs.

Feature Story 2004-08-18

Events & Downloads
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Expos, seminars, users group meetings, presentations and more. Stay in touch with Agilent, and stay plugged into the world of test.

Feature Story 2004-08-18

Lead-free solder C&A panel for the 5DX Automated X-ray Inspection System
Lead-free alloys have different composition than tin-lead alloys. The Agilent 5DX Automated X-ray Inspection Systems compensates for the physical differences with a new confirmation and adjustment (C&A) panel.

Feature Story 2004-08-18

Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) - Case Study
Electronic Functional Test of the Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS)

Case Study 2004-07-29

Agilent E2920 PCI Series: Verification Tools help Altera - Case Study
See how Agilent's E2920 Verification Tools, PCI Series helped Altera Cooperation get a competitive advantage

Case Study 2004-07-15


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