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L4490A/91A RF Switch Platform - Data Sheet
Agilent L4490A/91A Data Sheet.

Data Sheet 2014-03-12

YouTube - Network Analyzers
Network analyzer YouTube videos

Demo 2014-03-11

X-Series Signal Analyzer Service Guide - available for purchase
Information for service manuals/service guides to support the X-Series signal analyzers (PXA, MXA, EXA, CXA).

Service Manual 2014-03-11

MATLAB R2014a released and available with Agilent instruments
MATLAB R2014a (Version 8.3) was released on 6 March 2014. This MATLAB release includes multiple new features, including a pop-up command history, suggested text corrections, and a text file merge option. MATLAB R2014a is available with the purchase of Agilent instruments including signal analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, PXI and AXIe modular hardware. Watch this video for a summary of MATLAB R2014a.

Demo 2014-03-11

Free Audio Measurement Hints and Tips
Register to download Free Audio Measurement Hints and Tips.

Promotional Materials 2014-03-11

BEMT#23 How to evaluate DC-DC Converters -2, Load Transient Measurement
This video shows how to make the load transient test using an off-the-shelf DC-DC converter.

Demo 2014-03-10

BEMT#22 How to evaluate DC-DC Converters -1, Load Regulation Measurement
This video shows how to make the load regulation test using an off-the-shelf DC-DC converter.

Demo 2014-03-10

Save 50% on Materials Measurement Software with Purchase of a PNA, ENA or FieldFox Network Analyzer
Easy-to-use software instantly converts S-parameter into the material data format of your choice

Promotional Materials 2014-03-10

Infoline Services, Quick Reference Guide
This 13-page brochure outlines Agilent's Infoline Web Services.

Brochure 2014-03-07

N7649B Test Case Manager - Technical Overview
Agilent Test Case Manager provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface and works with the Agilent Signal Studio software to perform standard-required conformance tests.

Technical Overview 2014-03-07

TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System - Brochure
The TS-8989 PXI functional tester helps you achieve a lower cost of test for automotive electronic control units and industrial electronics.

Brochure 2014-03-07

Envelope Tracking and Digital Pre-Distortion PA Testing for LTE User Terminal Components - App Note
This application note discusses measurement solutions for power amplifier testing using Envelope Tracking (ET) and lookup table (LUT)-based DPD.

Application Note 2014-03-07

Next-Generation Infiniium User Interface video playlist
Next-Generation Infiniium User Interface video playlist

Demo 2014-03-07

Increase Power Amplifier Test Throughput with the Agilent PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer and Generator
This application note overview provides an overview of the challenges and recommended solutions to increase the speed of power amplifier test.

Application Note 2014-03-07

Finding the Root Cause of a Failure with the Agilent 16850 Series portable Logic Analyzers
See how the affordable Agilent 16850 Series portable logic analyzers uses high-speed timing capture and deep memory can help you easily and quickly validate whether your overall system functional behavior meets your design criteria. Watch this FPGA debug example that utilizes various timing modes within the logic analyzer in order to find an elusive error far from the trigger point.

Demo 2014-03-07

MP4 MP4 34.49 MB
Save 15% and Upgrade to the Latest Test Environment - Promotional Flyer
Upgrade your measurement capability and measurement platform

Promotional Materials 2014-03-07

Reduce your test time with a new 4-in-1 pulse generator - download free application notes
Reduce your test time with a new 4-in-1 pulse generator - download free application notes

Promotional Materials 2014-03-06

TestExec SL 7.0 - Data Sheet
This technical overview highlights key features of the Agilent TestExec SL, a test executive designed for high-volume, high throughput functional test applications across multiple industries.

Data Sheet 2014-03-06

40GHz RIN Measurement System
SYCATUS Corporation

Solution Brief 2014-03-06

ADS 30-Second Demos
Watch these videos to learn about popular usability improvements we’ve made in Advanced Design System (ADS) to increase your productivity.

Demo 2014-03-06

TC700 S–Parameters Performance as a Function of Bonding Configuration - Technical Overview
TC700 S–Parameters Performance as a Function of Bonding Configuration

Technical Overview 2014-03-06

EMPro 3D EM Simulation Platform Support Roadmap
Agilent EEsof EDA EMPro 3D EM Simulation platform support roadmap

Selection Guide 2014-03-06

Agilent Technologies Unveils New 30-Second Demo Series of User-Inspired ADS 2014 Innovations
Agilent announces the launch of a new series of 30-second demos on user-inspired innovations to its Advanced Design System 2014 software, the industry’s leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave and signal-integrity applications.

Press Materials 2014-03-06

Download latest J-BERT M8020A application notes to master your designs
Download the latest application notes to learn how the new J-BERT M8020A accelerates insight into your design

Promotional Materials 2014-03-06

Accelerate PXI VSA Measurements with X-Series Measurement Applications for Modular Instrument
This brochure describes the modular X-Series measurement applications which increase the efficiency and capability of the PXI VSA for specific communications standards

Brochure 2014-03-06


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