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Why is option MPB required at frequencies above 3.6 GHz for real-time spectrum analysis in an X-Series signal analyzer?
At frequencies above 3.6 GHz, a YIG Preselector (a tracking band-pass filter) is used to reject out-of-band signals. This filter’s bandwidth is significantly less than 85 or 160 MHz so it must be bypassed if the user wishes to utilize the full 85 or 160 MHz of real-time bandwidth in their PXA.

FAQ 2013-06-05

How can we make VCO/PLL settling time measurements without a frequency vs. time display in the MXA or PXA with options RT1 or RT2 RTSA?
Many PLL/VCO settling time measurements do not really require real-time, they can be made using the spectrogram and with 89600 VSA software.

FAQ 2013-06-05

I am looking at a 160 MHz OFDM signal at 5 GHz on my MXA or PXA signal analyzer. Why can’t I see the whole signal?
The instrument preselector is limiting the bandwidth of the MXA or PXA input.

FAQ 2013-06-05

How can I tell if my instrument is licensed for options B1X, B1Y, and MPB?
You can check to see what options are installed in your instrument by pressing the [System] hard key, then the {Show} soft key, then the {System} soft key.

FAQ 2013-06-05

What features will my MXA or PXA signal analyzer have after I install option RT2 or RT1 real-time spectrum analyzer?
Frequency mask trigger, power vs. time measurements, real-time spectrogram, trace zoom peak, average, sample, and negative peak detectors...

FAQ 2013-06-05

How can I perform the calibration/compensation when I use the 16094A with a 7-mm connector extension cable?
It is recommended to perform the following compensation procedure...

FAQ 2013-06-05

How do I upgrade my N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software and Measurement Applications, etc....

FAQ 2013-06-04

What upgrade kit option provides real-time functionality for my N9030A PXA signal analyzer?
If you already have option B1X, B1Y, and MPB in your instrument, order N9030AK-RT2 or N9030AK-RT1...

FAQ 2013-06-02

Infiniium Oscilloscopes: Waveform Labeling
Is it possible to label waveforms?

FAQ 2013-05-31

Infiniium Oscilloscopes: Mouse and Trackball Usage
What type of mouse can be used with the Infiniium oscilloscope? Can a trackball device be used?

FAQ 2013-05-31

Infiniium Oscillscopes: Trigger Setup for Violation Mode
When triggering on a setup time violation, what would cause a trigger to occur on a setup time value that is larger than specified?

FAQ 2013-05-31

How do I upgrade my 53200 Series Frequency Counter?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, etc....

FAQ 2013-05-23

How do you clear the M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator and M9380A PXIe CW Source modules memories?
Please refer to the documents for a comprehensive listing of memory installed into these products.

FAQ 2013-05-20

How do I remotely program my spectrum or vector signal analyzer?
Instructions, examples, and references for remotely programming your spectrum analyzer

FAQ 2013-05-16

Add N9051A, Pulse, to the mode key selections.
X-series analyzers with Windows 7 and A.12.xx software installed may not list N9051A, Pulse application, as selection avilable under the Mode key.

FAQ 2013-05-16

What is the Agilent EEsof EDA Knowledge Center?
The Knowledge Center is an enhancement to our existing site that provides additional documents and examples.

FAQ 2013-05-13

How do I upgrade my N9320B Spectrum Analyzer?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, etc...

FAQ 2013-05-09

How do I upgrade my N9039A RF Preselector?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, etc...

FAQ 2013-05-09

Why does the chassis Soft Front Panel (SFP) not start when I connect to the chassis with my Windows XP PC?
The Agilent PXIe and AXIe chassis require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on the PC in order for the SFP to work. Windows XP does not have this loaded automatically. If you are using a Windows XP PC, please install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 from Microsoft website.

FAQ 2013-05-07

How do I find the HOST ID of my instrument or PC?
Agilent software options are licensed to many different types of hardware, using a unique hardware identifier called the Host ID. The Host ID is composed of 1, 2, or 3 elements, depending upon the software model and the target hardware platform.

FAQ 2013-05-07

Are there any plans to offer code compatibility with the 866x Sources?
Yes, we plan to offer code compatibility with the 8664A, 8664B and 8665B for the following products:

FAQ 2013-05-06

Do you have an example C# code to control the N4960A BERT?

FAQ 2013-05-06

What is the maximum total length of the RJ45 control cable for connecting multiple 34945EXTs?
The maximum total length of the RJ45 control cables is 140 feet.

FAQ 2013-05-06

What's new in Command Expert 1.2?
The new features are...

FAQ 2013-05-04

N6171A MATLAB Software - Agilent Compatible Instruments
N6171A MATLAB software can be purchased along with a new Agilent instrument or purchased as software to add to an existing instrument.

FAQ 2013-04-29

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