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Power Analysis using the S-Series oscilloscope
See how to make power measurements with an oscilloscope, current probe and measurement application software using a USB target board as an example.

How-To Video 2014-05-16

MOV MOV 23.25 MB
Remote Link Solution - Brochure
This brochure explains what is the advantage of having the Agilent wireless remote connectivity solution and the hardware and apps involved.

Brochure 2014-05-16

Signal Studio for W-CDMA/HSPA+ N7600B - Technical Overview
Simplify W-CDMA HSPA/HSPA+ signal creation with Signal Studio’s performance-optimized reference signals—validated by Agilent and reduce the time you spend on signal simulation.

Technical Overview 2014-05-16

N7649B Test Case Manager - Technical Overview
Agilent Test Case Manager provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface and works with the Agilent Signal Studio software to perform standard-required conformance tests.

Technical Overview 2014-05-16

U1450A/U1460A Insulation Resistance Testers - Data Sheet
U1450A/U1460A series Insulation Resistance Testers which outlines the key features, specifications and options.

Data Sheet 2014-05-15

EXT Wireless Communications Test Set Software Revision History

Release Notes 2014-05-15

89600 WLA Software - Technical Overview
The 89600 WLA software provides wireless link analysis that decodes higher layer control messages and correlates them with the PHY-layer signals they manage.

Technical Overview 2014-05-15

Configuration Assistant for Signal Studio Software
This online interactive tool guides the user in selecting and configuring N76xxB Signal Studio software for both new purchases and upgrades. The tool also provides the ability to create an email with the final configuration details.

Configuration Guide 2014-05-15

RF Interference Troubleshooting with RF Editor and Playback Solution - X-COM
RF Interference Troubleshooting with RF Editor and Playback Solution from X-COM and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

RF Test Solutions – WinSoft
Military and Commercial RF Test Solutions from WinSoft and Agilent.

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

LTE & LTE-Advanced FDD & TDD Modulation Analysis 89600 VSA Software - Technical Overview
The 89600 VSA software has the capability to analyze LTE-Advanced as well as LTE signals in both FDD and TDD formats.

Technical Overview 2014-05-14

Spectrum Management for Efficient Bandwidth Allocation - X-COM
Spectrum Management Solutions for Efficient Bandwidth Allocation from X-COM and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

EasyEXPERT & Desktop EasyEXPERT - Technical Overview
Desktop EasyEXPERT is free PC-based software that works with the Agilent B1500A, B1505A, 4155/56B or 4155/56C.

Technical Overview 2014-05-14

89600 VSA Software - Configuration Guide
This 89600 VSA software configuration guide will help you configure your new or existing 89600 VSA with the measurement options, licenses, and update service subscriptions you need.

Configuration Guide 2014-05-14

34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A - Configuration Guide
Introduction of the Agilent 34945A, L4445A, and L4490A/L4491A family of RF/Microwave switching instrument features, and assists in the three step process of selecting and configuring the systems.

Configuration Guide 2014-05-14

89601B/BN-200 Basic VSA, 89601B/BN-300 Hardware Connectivity - Technical Overview
Basic vector signal analysis is the foundation of the tools and user interface that make up the 89600 VSA software. Hardware connectivity allows the 89600 VSA software to link to over 40 instruments.

Technical Overview 2014-05-14

PXI Functional Test - TTCI
PXI Functional Test Solution from TTCI and Agilent.

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

5G demonstrates mmWave measurement at the Brooklyn 5G Summit video
This video shares an Agilent demonstration of mmWave measurement at the Brooklyn 5G Summit 2014 by Bob Cutler, Agilent Cellular Expert.

Demo 2014-05-14

Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC Pre-compliance Testing – TOYO Corporation
Electromagnetic Compatibility Pre-compliance Test Solutions from TOYO and Agilent.

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

PXIe Data Streaming for RF Interference Analysis - X-COM
PXIe Data Streaming Solution for RF Interference and Spectrum Analysis from X-COM and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

Offline vs Inline: Shifting to automated inline ICT - White Paper
This paper discusses the benefits of adopting an inline in-circuit test strategy for electronics manufacturers looking to increase product quality and reliability while ensuring optimal ROIC.

Application Note 2014-05-14

Radiated and Conducted Immunity Testing – TOYO Corporation
Radiated and Conducted Immunity Test Solutions from TOYO and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

Test Instrument Emulator - WinSoft
Test Instrument Emulation Solution from WinSoft and Agilent.

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

RF Spectrum Recording and Analysis - X-COM
RF Capture and Storage Solutions and Spectrum Analysis Software from X-COM and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

RF Capture and Playback for Improved Communications Jamming - X-COM
RF Capture and Playback Solutions for Improved Communications Jamming from X-COM and Agilent

Soluzioni 2014-05-14

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