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LTE eNB MIMO Receiver Baseband Testing using N5106A PXB
Demonstration of SystemVue generated ARB waveforms being used in PXB and output to Xilinx Vertex6 development board over new VITA57 digital interface.

Demo 2010-03-17

High-Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generation for RADAR and LIDAR Application
Presentation given at the Aerospace and Defense Symposium in 2009. It covers radar principles and challenges, radar test systems, and Agilent solutions.

Application Note 2010-02-17

Significant Performance Enhancements to the PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator
Enhancements to the N5106A PXB baseband generator and channel emulator designed to expand its use across the R&D lifecycle.

Press Materials 2010-02-16

Read the latest Arbitrary Waveform Generator press release
Read the latest Arbitrary Waveform Generator press release

Press Materials 2010-01-30

MIMO Channel Modeling and Emulation Test Challenges Application Note

Application Note 2010-01-22

Free Waveform Library with U2761A USB Modular Function Generator
Get a head start on creating arbitrary waveforms that emulate real-world signals with over 20 commonly used waveforms in the electronics industry.

Promotional Materials 2010-01-05

Tips and Tricks of using U2761A USB Modular Function Generator in VEE Pro
This package contains the document and the example programs on pulse generation and real-time control basis using Agilent VEE Pro 9.0.

Promotional Materials 2010-01-05

CMMB Conformance Testing using the PXB with N7623B Signal Studio for Digital Video
This application note introduces CMMB technologies and conformance test requirements and explains the test setup and configurations for the N5106A PXB and N7623B Signal Studio for Digital Video

Application Note 2010-01-04

GPS Receiver Testing - Application Note
This paper describes GPS receiver tests used for GPS verification. It also introduces an application capable of generating the required GPS signals for a repeatable and flexible test environment.

Application Note 2010-01-04

N5106A PXB Demonstration Video
Agilent N5106A PXB baseband generator and channel emulator overview video (2 minutes and 7 seconds)

Demo 2010-01-03

N5106A PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator Flyer
Keep pace with rapid design changes using the PXB baseband generator and channel emulator to test receiver signal processing to standards and beyond.

Brochure 2009-12-23

Creating, Editing, Transferring Arbitrary Waveforms with Agilent U2761A Function Generator
This application note explores how a complex arbitrary waveform is created by using software, importing, reusing existing waveform files and easily programs your instrument with the free Command Logger and Code Converter functions.

Application Note 2009-12-11

N5106A PXB Firmware Upgrade Guide
This firmware upgrade guide enables you to upgrade firmware on an Agilent N5106A PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator from either the Agilent Technologies website or a CD-ROM.

Installation Manual 2009-12-01

33502A Data Sheet
Technical specifications for 33502A 2-Channel 50 Vpp Isolated Amplifier.

Data Sheet 2009-10-29

33502A 2-Channel Amplifier User's/Service Guide
This manual contains getting started, configuration, programming, performance verification procedures, and servicing information for the 33502A 2-Channel Amplifier.

User Manual 2009-10-01

33502A 2-Channel Amplifier Programmer's Reference
This Help file contains reference information to help you program the 33502A 2-Channel Amplifier over the remote interface using the SCPI programming language. Double-click on the file to extract the 33502A Programmer's Reference.

Help File 2009-10-01

APPLICATION: Arbitrary Waveform Generator for WiMedia UWB Testing
This 1-pager explains a customer application and describes which solution is offer with the data converter products.v

Brochure 2009-09-16

MARKET OVERVIEW: Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Aerospace & Defense
This 1-pager explains a customer application and describes which solution is offer with the data converter products.

Brochure 2009-09-16

USB Modular Products Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide for USB Modular Products.

Quick Start Guide 2009-08-14

Creating Arbitrary Waveforms in the U2300A Series and U2500A Series Data Acquisition Devices
This application note covers the inner workings of how waveforms and arbitrary waveforms are formed.

Application Note 2009-08-01

Transferring Arbitrary Waveform Data to the 33200A Family of Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
This application note will review three methods of transferring arbitrary waveform data to 33200A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators: front panel, Agilent IntuiLink Waveform Editor, and programming.

Application Note 2009-05-19

USB Modular Products Manual Update
The information in this addendum is provided to improve the contents of the Agilent USB Modular Products user manuals pertaining to the product changes after the manual print date. Please retain this update sheet.

User Manual 2009-05-19

New Pattern Generator Tests Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal Devices - Press Material
New Pattern Generator Tests Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Devices

Press Materials 2009-05-11

81150A With Arbitrary Bit Shaped Pattern - Brochure
Interoperability as defined in the FlexRayTM standard ensures high quality devices and systems. The Agilent 81150A with arbitrary bit-shaped pattern allows emulating worst case conditions. Keyword: 120 Mbit/s

Brochure 2009-05-11

N6033A Press Releases

Press Materials 2009-04-27

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