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How can I use a computer to monitor when the power meter is done with a Secure Erase?
The “*OPC?” command can be used with a long IO timeout.

FAQ 2009-10-20

Can I perform real time measurement with Agilent U1731A & U1732A Data Logger Software?
The Data Logger Software is to provide an indicative check on the unit and not intended for high timing accuracy measurement…

FAQ 2009-10-20

How much of data points from my data acquired can I save into one file?
What we observed is that if you log your file into *.csv file, the most no. of points you will be capturing is 65536 points. However, if you are saving into *.txt file, it will depend on the type of...

FAQ 2009-09-29

Where to find the USB modular scopes IVI-COM programming guide?
download the programming guide.

FAQ 2009-09-29

IO Libraries Suite: Is there any other software that needs to be installed when I am using an application that utilizes NI-488.2 and Agilent IO Lib...
It depends if there is third party connectivity hardware or software installed.

FAQ 2009-08-25

IO Libraries Suite: What programming languages are supported with Agilent IO Libraries version 15.1?
It depends on the API you are using.

FAQ 2009-08-25

Can the E4980A make a list sweep measurement at regular time intervals and save the measurement data with time stamp?
Yes. You can make a List Sweep measurement and save the measurement result with time data using Time Stamp function.

FAQ 2009-08-19

What are the trace data names available for LTE-FDD with the release of 89600 version 11.00?
Due to many new traces in option BHD the traces have been restrucured and renamed. Here you will find a list of those changes.

FAQ 2009-08-07

The 34405A Programmer’s Reference file downloaded from the website shown no content in the .chm file when opened. What can I do?
...When prompted, save the .chm file to a location on your PC. Clear the checkmark if a security warning appears...

FAQ 2009-08-06

Can the power meter’s rear panel USB port save data files to a USB drive or USB thumb drive?

FAQ 2009-08-06

What is the login and password that I can use to login to the web server on the N1996A CSA spectrum analyzer?
See contents for details...

FAQ 2009-06-18

How Can I Save My Test Results to a PC?

FAQ 2009-06-11

How Can I Remotely Determine the Serial Number and Firmware Revision of My Test Set?

FAQ 2009-06-11

What is the easiest way to transfer measurement data from the 4294A to an external PC?
Use the IntuiLink or the 4294A Data Transfer Program (Excel VBA).

FAQ 2009-05-26

Does Agilent Intuilink VNA operate with the 8753D Network Analyzer?
Only if the 8753D VNA is equipped with firmware revision 06.14 or revision 07.14

FAQ 2009-05-06

Is there an example program for acquiring data from the Agilent 8970B Noise Figure meter via the GPIB bus?
Vee program found here...

FAQ 2009-04-28

How do I transfer files to and from my 1660/1670-series logic analyzer using FTP?
To transfer files to and from 166xE and 167xA/D/E/G logic analyzers using FTP, follow these steps.

FAQ 2009-04-27

Are there any programming commands for the U2701A/U2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope?
Yes, the IVI driver is available for the U2701A/2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope instrument control….

FAQ 2009-04-21

Where can I find the U2701A/U2702A IVI-driver's programming reference guide?
The U2701A/U2702A IVI-driver's reference guide is in "Documentation" in the Agilent IVI driver folder upon completion of driver installation

FAQ 2009-04-21

Are there any SCPI programming commands available for the U2701A/2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope instrument control?
No, there are no SCPI commands available for the U2701A/2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope….

FAQ 2009-04-21

How do I save a screen image from my 5000/6000/7000-series InfiniiVision oscilloscope to a USB storage device?
These instructions assume that your scope has system software version 05.00 or later (see Utility | Service | About Oscilloscope -> System version to see your scope’s version).

FAQ 2009-04-17

How do I connect my InfiniiVision oscilloscope directly to a PC via the LAN interface?
To establish a point-to-point LAN connection, you will need either a PC with an Auto-MDIX network adapter or a crossover (not straight-through) LAN cable.

FAQ 2009-04-13

How do I save deep memory waveform data from my InfiniiVision oscilloscope to a USB storage device?
Use half-channel mode and ASCII XY, ALB, or BIN format. Within the "Save" menu, press Settings and select the max number of points. Make sure you are at a slow enough time/div setting that all the points are on screen, and then ...

FAQ 2009-03-23

Why Can’t I Open the BenchLink II AgtDB.mdb Database File in Microsoft® Access?
The file is password protected to prevent any changes to be made to the file.

FAQ 2009-03-13

When I print the 35670A trace display to the raster printer connected to the analyzer, why am I getting a smaller printout?
On the 35670A, the work-around for this is as follows...

FAQ 2009-03-12

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