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N9038A MXE EMI Receiver Instrument Software

  • Install the latest instrument software to keep the receiver up-to-date
  • Before licensing a measurement application, the receiver must have the latest instrument software to guarantee compliance and performance
  • Previous versions of software are not available
Release Date Version Version Description
2014-06-13 A.14.06 Downloadable installation file of the latest software version

How to Download

  • Please Note: There are two different download files available. Be sure to choose the correct one for the operating system running in the instrument being updated. To determine the operating system installed refer to the license certificate on the rear panel of the instrument.
  • Installing instrument software into an MXE EMI Receiver is similar to installing software on a Microsoft Windows based PC.
    • If your receiver is connected to the network, download the software update package directly onto the receiver and run the file.
    • Otherwise, download the package onto your PC and transfer the file to the receiver using a USB storage device.
  • Note: Do not run the instrument software executable file on your personal computer. It must be run on the receiver being updated.

How to Install


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