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14585A Control and Analysis Software for the DC Power Analyzer

N6705B ImageImportant Note

The 14585A software is available to download free of charge. However, a license is required when connecting the 14585A software to an N6705A or N6705B DC Power Analyzer mainframe. The license resides inside the N6705A/B, not on the PC, and is specific to the mainframe’s serial number. Any copy of the 14585A software can connect to an N6705A/B mainframe as long as the mainframe has a license installed in it. See “How to Order a License” below for more information. Try the software for free with the 30-day trial license.


  • Control any N6700 DC power module when installed in the N6705 DC Power Analyzer
  • Graphical user software - no programming required
  • Control and analyze data from up to four N6705 mainframes at once; that’s up to 16 power supplies simultaneously
  • 4 modes of operation: scope (waveform capture), data log, CCDF statistical analysis (N6781A only), and ARB (waveform creation)
  • Accurately capture current drain measurements from seconds to days at up to 200,000 measurements per second (in scope mode) directly to a PC
  • Enhanced control and analysis of data –use familiar PC controls and large display
  • Easily create complex waveforms to stimulate or load down a DUT by inputting a formula, choosing from built-in, or importing waveform data
  • Capture a waveform, then “play” it back
  • Perform statistical analysis of power consumption
  • Export data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or text file
  • Data log measurements directly to the PC
Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2014-02-13 This version fixes a bug encountered when loading a datalog file.

Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


  1. Microsoft .NET Framework
    a. For PCs running Windows XP or Vista, download .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 which is available from Microsoft at
    b. For PCs running Windows 7, you can use the latest version of .NET available from Microsoft at
  2. The latest revision of the Agilent IO Libraries
    a. Latest revision is found at
  3. The latest N6705 firmware
    a. Latest revision is found at

Supported Instruments

  • N6705A, N6705B

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