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Agilent’s software offering covers a wide variety of applications that help you maximize the value of your instrument, gain insight into your design, or save time during test. From RF circuit design, through validation and characterization of your DUT, to creating your own programs and testing your products, Agilent’s software, combined with our instruments will help you get the job done.

  • Our industry leading EEsof EDA SW is specifically targeted to high frequency and RF circuit design.
  • Click on the Measurement Applications icon to explore an extensive set of applications that run inside the Instrument for all of the Digital and RF standards such as USB, PCI, LTE, and WiLAN plus more common measurements like jitter or noise figure.
  • If you’re creating your own programs, click on Instrument Control SW to see the range of tools that will help you connect your PC to your Instrument. VEE and MATLAB can add more sophisticated analysis as well.
  • We offer many PC-based SW packages for data viewing, analysis and characterization. Check out VSA, InfiniiView, Power Analysis Manager, Photonic Application Suite and Flex DCA.
  • For more extensive testing, PLTS, IFT, Wireless Test Manager, Parametric Measurement Manager Pro, Wideband Waveform Center, and Easy Expert can help you.
  • Agilent EEsof EDA Software Agilent EEsof EDA Software 

    Agilent EEsof EDA Software

    Electronic Design Automation simulation software for high-frequency and high-speed system, modeling, and RF circuit design applications.

  • Measurement Applications Measurement Applications 

    Measurement Applications

    • For oscilloscopes, analyzers (signal, network, logic), generators, & wireless test sets
    • Add features & capabilities for faster insight into complex applications
    • Troubleshoot and characterize your designs
    • Check compliance to industry standards

  • Instrument Control Software Instrument Control Software 

    Instrument Control Software

    • Use Agilent IO Libraries Suite to connect to instruments
    • Agilent Command Expert provides fast and easy instrument control in many PC environments
    • Instrument drivers offer a higher-level standard interface for use in programmatic control

  • 89600 VSA and WLA Software 89600 VSA and WLA Software 

    89600 VSA and WLA Software

    • Comprehensive demodulation & vector signal analysis
    • Decode & verify MAC, RLC & RRC-layer messages across multiple radio frames
    • Cellular, wireless connectivity, aerospace, defense, general-purpose

  • InfiniiView Oscilloscope Analysis Software InfiniiView Oscilloscope Analysis Software 

    InfiniiView Oscilloscope Analysis Software

    InfiniiView is a PC-based oscilloscope analysis software application that allows users to view, analyze, share, and document scope measurements.

  • Physical Layer Test System 2014 Software Physical Layer Test System 2014 Software 

    Physical Layer Test System 2014 Software

    • MATLAB compatibility
    • Multi-channel advanced eye diagram
    • Hot TDR measurements
    • Add second THRU for AFR
    • Excess Reactance measurement

  • Agilent VEE Agilent VEE 

    Agilent VEE

    Agilent VEE is an easy-to-use intuitive graphical test & measurement software that provides a quick and easy path to measurement and analysis.

  • MATLAB Software MATLAB Software 

    MATLAB Software

    • Available with Agilent instrument purchases
    • Develop & execute custom analysis applications
    • Create & generate waveforms such as multi-tone & pulsed radar
    • Extend instrument capability: visualize data, test modulation schemes, automate measurements

  • Power Analysis Manager Software Power Analysis Manager Software 

    Power Analysis Manager Software

    • Two versions: Power Panel (Free) and Power Analyzer (License based)
    • Multiple display formats on large PC display
    • Min, Max, math, limits and alerts
    • Data recording up to 500 days (with the licensed version)

  • Interactive Functional Test (IFT) Softwares Interactive Functional Test (IFT) Softwares 

    Interactive Functional Test (IFT) Softwares

    • Used with the 8960 Series 10 (E5515C/E5515E) and E6621A PXT wireless communications test sets
    • Allows real-world functional testing of mobile devices in a lab environment
    • Finds defects early in the design stage – lowering overall costs

  • Wireless Test Managers Wireless Test Managers 

    Wireless Test Managers

    • Used with the 8960 Series 10 (E5515C/E5515E) and E6621A PXT wireless communications test sets
    • Simplifies test development with test executive, technology-specific tests, interfaces, and more
    • For R&D, manufacturing, and service

  • Parametric Measurement Manager Pro Software Parametric Measurement Manager Pro Software 

    Parametric Measurement Manager Pro Software

    • Get I-V curve for discrete component devices, without the need for programming
    • Predefined test profiles for diode, BJT and FET
    • Automatic test sequencing for parametric analysis
    • Works with U2722A/U2723A USB modular source measure unit

  • Wideband Waveform Center Wideband Waveform Center 

    Wideband Waveform Center

    • Compliant testing for Wireless HD, WiGig & IEEE802.11ad
    • Complete transmitter and receiver testing
    • Simple signal generation with drag & drop
    • Modulation analysis of fully coded signals at a glance

  • Photonic Application Suite Photonic Application Suite 

    Photonic Application Suite

    • Software suite for fiber optic measurements
    • Simple and advanced application software and upgrade tools
    • Makes full use of photonic instruments quickly

  • FlexDCA Remote Access Software FlexDCA Remote Access Software 

    FlexDCA Remote Access Software

    N1010A FlexDCA Remote Access Software is a powerful new user interface for the 86100C DCA-J and 86100D DCA-X oscilloscopes. The PC-based software provides advanced analysis capabilities and new measurements while connected to a DCA or offline.

  • EasyEXPERT software and Desktop EasyEXPERT software EasyEXPERT software and Desktop EasyEXPERT software 

    EasyEXPERT software and Desktop EasyEXPERT software

    • Support efficient and repeatable device characterization
    • Hundreds of ready-to-use application tests furnished
    • Built-in analysis capabilities
    • Workspaces for an easy means to manage data and application tests

  • Calibration & Adjustment Software for Self-Maintainers Calibration & Adjustment Software for Self-Maintainers 

    Calibration & Adjustment Software for Self-Maintainers

    N7800A Test Management Executive software plus multiple Calibration and Adjustment applications

  • Agilent License Manager Agilent License Manager 

    Agilent License Manager

    • Install licenses for new capability
    • Transport licenses from one instrument to another
    • Remove licenses for capability no longer needed
    • Available at no-charge for use with Agilent supported instruments