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Agilent’s software offering covers a wide variety of applications that help you maximize the value of your instrument, gain insight into your design, or save time during test. From RF circuit design, through validation and characterization of your DUT, to creating your own programs and testing your products, Agilent’s software, combined with our instruments will help you get the job done.

  • Our industry leading EEsof EDA SW is specifically targeted to high frequency and RF circuit design.
  • Click on the Measurement Applications icon to explore an extensive set of applications that run inside the Instrument for all of the Digital and RF standards such as USB, PCI, LTE, and WiLAN plus more common measurements like jitter or noise figure.
  • If you’re creating your own programs, click on Instrument Control SW to see the range of tools that will help you connect your PC to your Instrument. VEE and MATLAB can add more sophisticated analysis as well.
  • We offer many PC-based SW packages for data viewing, analysis and characterization. Check out VSA, InfiniiView, Power Analysis Manager, Photonic Application Suite and Flex DCA.
  • For more extensive testing, PLTS, IFT, Wireless Test Manager, Parametric Measurement Manager Pro, Wideband Waveform Center, and Easy Expert can help you.

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Agilent Instruments Supported with Agilent License Manager
The following Agilent instruments work with the Agilent License Manager.

Technical Overview 2013-11-20