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MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) Millimeter-Wave & Microwave Devices

Agilent offers a series of millimeter-wave and microwave MMICs that provide superior performance over a wide bandwidth from DC to 50 GHz, including both analog and digital applications. The below listed HMMC and HSCH products are available through a selection of worldwide distribution partners. The 1Gxx line of products are also available through distribution partners to a select set of customers. Certain restrictions apply.

For commercial or technical questions related to the millimeter-wave and microwave devices, direct your questions to Agilent at

Coming soon! Agilent IC’s will have X-Parameter models available. With X-Parameters, a mathematical superset of S-parameters, Agilent ICs can be modeled in both large-signal and small-signal conditions. For more information on X-Parameters, visit here.

For more information on Agilent IC X-Parameter models contact

Check this site in the future for additional information.

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Agilent 1GG5-8045 110 GHz Double Balanced Mixer TC676 Data Sheet

Data Sheet 2010-01-20

Agilent 1GC1-8234 0–18 GHz Packaged Active Mixer TC230P Data Sheet
The TC230P offers substantially improved frequency range and improved broadband performance in a Gilbert-cell mixer.

Data Sheet 2009-11-02