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W1141B-EXP Agilent VEE Express 8.5

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Typical Configuration

W1141B Software, VEE 8.5

  • W1141B-EXP VEE Express 8.5, transportable perpetual license

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VEE Multimedia Demonstrations
These videos will help you get started using Agilent VEE Pro quickly and easily.

Demo 2013-11-17

Test & Measurement Software Support Update
Information regarding discontinuance of Support Contracts (SUP) for Agilent VEE Pro, T&M Toolkit, and T&M Developer's Bundle as well as changes in the Support Policy.

Technical Overview 2013-11-17

VEE Pro and The MathWorks MATLAB®
This matrix shows which version of MATLAB® is supported in each version of Agilent VEE Pro.

Configuration Guide 2012-10-25

VEE Comparison Table
Agilent VEE Comparison Table

Selection Guide 2011-11-11

Operating System Support by VEE Version
This matrix shows which Agilent development environments are supported on which operating system revisions.

Selection Guide 2011-11-11

VEE Case Studies
VEE Case Studies

Case Study 2010-05-20

VEE 8.5 and below history of enhancements
See the features and enhancements history of every Agilent VEE versions.

Technical Overview 2010-01-10

Agilent VEE Pro 8.5 and Agilent VEE Express 8.5 Data Sheet
Agilent VEE is a powerful intuitive graphical language environment that provides you the quick and easy path to measurement analysis.

Data Sheet 2007-10-19

Implementation of Cyclic Periodogram Detection on VEE for Cognitive
Implementation of Cyclic Periodogram Detection on VEE for Cognitive

Application Note 2007-09-27

Agilent VEE Pro 8.5 and Agilent VEE Express 8.5 Brochure
Explore Agilent VEE 8.5’s new features, benefits, and technical specifications.

Brochure 2007-09-01

PDF PDF 12.91 MB
Agilent VEE Pro 8.5 and Agilent VEE Express 8.5 Quick Start Guide
Agilent VEE Pro 8.5 and Agilent VEE Express 8.5 Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide 2007-08-30

How to Use IVI-COM Drivers in Agilent VEE Pro 8.0
This paper describe how easy to use IVI-COM driver in Agilent VEE Pro that allows instruments interchangeability while still providing quality and high performance.

Application Note 2007-06-08

Agilent VEE Pro 8.0 Help Files in Asian Languages
Agilent VEE Pro 8.0 Help Files in Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese languages.

Help File 2007-06-01

Modifying a GPIB System to Include LAN/LXI (AN 1465-26)
This application note takes you through the process of replacing one instrument in a typical GPIB test system and shows how simple changes to the system software make it possible.

Application Note 2007-05-10

Migrating system software from GPIB to LAN/LXI (AN 1465-25) - Application Note
Migrating system software from GPIB to LAN/LXIis the sixth application note in a series designed to help you manage the shift to LXI from GPIB.

Application Note 2007-02-02

Agilent VEE Pro 8.0 & Agilent VEE Express 8.0 Quick Start Guide
A Guide on how to istall, launch and use Agilent VEE Pro 8.0 and Agilent VEE Express 8.0 and a description for new features of version 8.0.

Quick Start Guide 2007-02-01

Features Table for Agilent VEE Express - Selection Guide
The following table shows the differences between Agilent VEE Pro and Agilent VEE Express.

Selection Guide 2007-01-31

Accessing a PostgreSQL database from VEE
Shows how to exchange data between (freely available) PostgreSQL database tools and VEE.

Application Note 2006-03-15

Accessing Excel from VEE
Shows how to use VEE’s built-in functions to read data from and write data to Excel as well as control Excel settings.

Application Note 2006-03-15

Enhancing Agilent VEE Pro Programs with Microsoft® .NET Controls
Shows how to add rich functionality to your VEE programs by using .NET user interface controls.

Application Note 2006-03-15

Implementing a Supportable VEE Architecture
Explains an approach to building VEE programs that can be easily supported and expanded.

Application Note 2006-03-15

VEE Pro Used to Characterize Materials
Using an automated test setup written in VEE Pro, ONERA (France) characterizes EM absorption and reflection of space-defense material.

Case Study 2005-05-09

VEE Pro Used to Automate Tests of Climactic Chambers
Using VEE Pro, ISSeP (Belgium) developed an automated system to characterize climatic chambers, incubators and refrigeration devices.

Case Study 2005-05-09

Choosing Your Test System Software Architecture (AN 1465-4) - Application Note
The information presented here will help you choose the direction for your software based on the application you have in mind and the amount of experience you have.

Application Note 2004-12-21

Utilizing VEE for Data Collection in Surface and Undersea Research
Utilizing VEE for Data Collection in Surface and Undersea Research

Case Study 2004-05-27


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