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Key Features & Specifications

Outdoor deployable:

  • IP67-rated weatherproof enclosure
  • Small discreet device: 29.2 x 24.6 x 5.4 cm
  • Mobile or fixed site deployment


  • Wideband RF receiver with 20 MHz to 6 GHz tuning range and 20MHz Digital IF bandwidth
  • 2 Switched RF Inputs with broad attenuation and wide dynamic range
  • Signal capture using deep memory buffer (512 MB) or IQ streaming (up to 1.9MHz bandwidth)
  • Timing synchronization accuracy less than 20ns for GPS and less than 40 ns for IEEE-1588


  • Frequency Regulators needing ITU-R spectrum monitoring systems and interference detection, location systems
  • Government and Industry Frequency Managers needing spectrum monitoring for test range management
  • Spectrum Security and Policy Managers needing In Place Monitoring Systems and Indoor emitter locations systems
  • Engineers needing affordable high-speed, high-resolution search, intercept and tipping systems


  • Spectrum Monitoring, Signal intercept, collection and classification using the N6820ES Signal Surveyor or E3238S software
  • Signal Capture and Analysis using the 89601B Vector Signal Analyzer software
  • Emitter location and RF Geo-Analytics using the N6854A Geolocation Server software
  • Custom applications can be written using the Sensor Access Library (SAL) API.


The Agilent N6841A RF Sensor provides an extremely cost effective way to improve spectral awareness. The RF Sensor is enclosed in a weatherproof case allowing wide area, close-proximity signal monitoring, detection and location in any environment. Its open programming interface allows users to dynamically link to a wide range of software applications such as:

  • Agilent N6820ES Signal Surveyor Software for monitoring, advanced search, intercept, classification and collection
  • Agilent 89601B Vector Signal Analysis Software for signals analysis
  • Agilent N6854A Geolocation Server Software for emitter location
  • Agilent Spectrum Visualizer software for remote spectrum and signal monitoring and collection
  • A growing list of third party applications.

An Ethernet TCP/IP network connection allows for remote deployment of a network of multiple sensors within a single room, throughout a city, or across the world.