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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N7109A Multichannel Signal Analysis System

  • N7109A-C04 Four channel configuration
  • R-51B-001-Z Return to Service Center Warranty - 3 years

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N7109A Multi-Channel Signal Analysis System
The N7109A combines modular N7100 Series measurement hardware with the MIMO capabilities of the industry-leading Agilent 89600B vector signal analysis (VSA) software.

Data Sheet 2013-01-23

Agilent Introduces Industry's First LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO Signal-Generation and Analysis Solutions

Press Materials 2013-01-03

Verify and Visualize Your TD-LTE Beamforming Signals
This app note summarizes multi-antenna techniques, before introducing the concept of Beamforming, along with its advantages and specific use within the 3GPP TD-LTE wireless communication system.

Application Note 2012-04-18

MIMO Tx/Rx Test Solutions
For RF engineers working with MIMO implementations in LTE. Determine the right set of Agilent products to help validate MIMO coding and the quality of MIMO signal transmission.

Selection Guide 2011-05-31

N7109A + 89600 VSA Software MIMO Overview & Benefits

Demo 2011-02-11

N7109A + 89600 VSA Software LTE 2x2 MIMO Demonstration

Demo 2011-02-11

N7109A + 89600 VSA Software WiFi 2x2 MIMO Demonstration

Demo 2011-02-11

N7109A + 89600 VSA Software WiMAX 2x2 MIMO Demonstration

Demo 2011-02-11


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