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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

B4655A FPGA Dynamic Probe Application Software

  • B4655A-011 FPGA Dynamic Probe Application Software, fixed perpetual license
  • R1287A 90 day media replacement warranty

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Key Features & Specifications

Key Benefits

  • Quickly access internal Xilinx FPGA signals
  • Make incremental measurements in seconds, without changing design timing
  • Access up to 128 internal Xilinx FPGA signals for each pin dedicated to debug
  • Measurement can be either in State (synchronous) or timing (asynchronous) mode

Automated Setup

  • Automated import of signal names from FPGA design tools
  • Auto-pin mapping eliminates mistakes and saves time



As FPGA design grows in complication and sophistication, the Agilent FPGA dynamic probe, used in conjunction with an Agilent logic analyzer, provides the most effective debugging solution for your FPGA design.