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E9524A MicroBlaze Trace Toolset

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Capture real-time code flow from one or more MicroBlaze cores
  • Time correlate activity with measurements from the surrounding system
  • Display processor execution in assembly instruction mnemonics, correlate to high-level source code
  • Supports instruction-side and/or data-side decoding


  • Simplified, automatic logic analyzer setup
  • Minimize the number of pins required for trace
  • Auto-setup feature means you´re ready to make trace measurements in seconds
  • Integration of MTC with Xilinx Platform Studio automates the connection of trace signals to FPGA pins

Additional Information


The Agilent MicroBlaze Trace Toolset is used in conjunction with an Agilent Windows® based logic analyzer (1680, 1690, 16800 or 16900 Series). It provides an easy-to-use solution for tracing and reconstructing MicroBlaze program and data flow.