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Scopes Days

Do you want the Agilent Scope Days tour to stop at your facility? Here’s your chance!

Submit the information below to schedule your stop. Agilent and your distributor will come to your site and host a one-hour event. It can be just about anything you want it to be. Something as informal as a product show set up over the lunch hour in the company cafeteria or a tech symposium addressing specific application needs you are trying to tackle.

Available topics include:
• Product Show
• Scopes 101
• FGPA dynamic probes
• Serial bus analysis
• Validating ATE systems
• Debugging Embedded Mixed-Signal Designs with an MSO

Scope Days is your chance to:
• Learn to debug FPGA designs in hours instead of weeks
• Find out how to solve serial bus problems faster than with any other scope
• Ask experts how to solve your toughest testing challenges
• Win prizes
• Have lunch on us!

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