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Free Audio Measurement Hints and Tips

Agilent is committed to providing high-performance solutions for continuous challenges in audio applications with our versatile audio analyzers. Now, we're helping you maximize the use of your instruments with the Audio Measurement Hints and Tips, which compiles application notes, demo guides and demo videos to help you measure faster and more efficiently. This month, we’re offering a new application note:

Application Note: Multi-Channel Audio Test using the Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer

Test requirements in the automotive audio industry have grown increasingly stringent. Manufacturers are now expected to perform multi-speaker and multi-channel tests while increasing throughput, all without compromising test quality. Read this application note and learn more about a multi-channel test solution that uses the Agilent U8903A audio analyzer together with an Agilent 34970A/34972A data acquisition switch unit and 34904A 4 x 8 switch matrix plug-in module. This solution is ideal for testing car audio (radio, CD receivers, GPS and entertainment systems) as well as other media devices such as MP3 players, DVD players and television.

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