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Real-Time Analysis Accelerates Wireless Development

Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Application NotesSubmit the following form to download two application notes and learn about real-time analysis techniques that can help you find elusive signals and understand agile signal behavior.

Real-time Analysis Techniques for Wireless Measurements
This note introduces the strengths of real-time spectrum analysis in measuring the agile signals and sophisticated modulation schemes used in wireless. In addition to the basics of real-time analysis, learn how to apply frequency mask trigger to capture a signal and then used vector signal analysis as a troubleshooting tool.

Measuring Agile Signals and Dynamic Signal Environments
Using two case studies to demonstrate, this application note takes a deeper dive into real-time spectrum analysis techniques that will help you not only discover, but make precise and selective measurements of, complex and elusive signals. Also learn how to go beyond making measurements, taking the vital next steps in RF engineering to complete the solution with post-processing analysis, signal replay, and transfer of captured signals to other analysis or simulation tools.

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