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• NEW! App Note: 3GPP Long Term Evolution: System Overview, Product Development, and Test Challenges
• App Note: Solutions and Measurement Tools for Use in Average Power and Envelope Tracking Design
• App Note: Concepts and Measurements of HSPA+ Evolution
• App Note: Verify and Visualize Your TD-LTE Beamforming Signals
• App Note: Testing Handovers Between LTE and 3G cdma2000/1xEV-DO Cellular Networks
• App Note: Using SystemVue to Integrate a Flexible R&D Testbed for LTE
• App Note: E-UTRA Base Station Transmit ON/OFF Power Measurement

• Brochure: Greater Insight into LTE Design and Test
• Brochure: Move Forward to What's Possible in TD-LTE Design & Test Solutions

• Video: LTE eNB MIMO Receiver Baseband Testing using N5106A PXB
• Video: LTE eNB Closed-Loop Conformance Testing
• Video: LTE MIMO Composite EVM

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