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Learn About the Latest in Signals Intelligence with these Resources From Agilent

Whether your mission is intercept and collect, detect and eradicate, monitor and track, or trend and analyze, Agilent’s solutions for surveillance and intelligence offer a diverse technology base and deep familiarity with wireless communications ― providing an edge that increases the probability of earlier detection, assessment and response.

To assist you in your mission, take a look at these surveillance test resources.

  • Listen to the RF Sensor Networks for Improved Signal Detection and Geolocation recording that explores the use and performance of RF sensor networks for improved detection, identification, and geolocation of modern signals using coherent detection, proximity gain, and time-difference of arrival.
  • The application note, Techniques and Trends in Signal Monitoring, Frequency Management and Geolocation of Wireless Emitters, reviews techniques and associated equipment required for signal monitoring and frequency management of RF spectrum in the VHF/UHF frequency range.
  • The Agilent E3238 VHF/UHF Voice Activity Detection System product note looks at automatically detecting voice channels in wideband VHF/ UHF data and recording them for immediate access by analysts.

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